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    Great updated and prompt help from develper @onlyME
  1. @aXenDev Okay found it on the Global tab I missed some space changed < /b> to </b> now working fine thank you.
  2. Yes, I have been checking for that but still couldn't found that from the Core or theme will recheck it.
  3. @aXenDevI need some help, I have updated to version when I go to set themes and change to IPS 4.6 on the Global tab for the English language working fine but when I switch to the Thai language seem an active tab in the 2nd rows will only active to the Header & Socials media tab. I try to look on the code but could not fix it out but I am sure that caused by translation as the capture below 1. Working fine for the English language 2.When switching to the Thai language seem in 2nd row will active to the Header & Socials media tab Thank you in advance
  4. Yes, you are right I did and now working I guessed that one issue is local country code but not sure for that . However, thank you for your prompt help and already updated to new released 😉
  5. Oh sorry that photo I only tried to update word_theme id in database please see photo attached when I did translation nothing updated to database and front page. This is the one after theme updated
  6. @aXenDevI have issued with theme translation when updating new version seem to have 2 recorded like previous one and new one the issues is when I did translation on new one the record not saved to database and then I tried to change on the previous one that were saved to database but not update on fornt page or ACP theme setting any idea to fix this?
    Recommended this theme a perfect design and work great with all plugins that I have used and the author excellent advising and help to fix as well.I would also reccommend his another product like the (aXen) Article System in Pages that work great thank you @aXenDev
  7. @aXenDev The toggle already fixed, thank you very much for your support and help
  8. Okay will send you a demo user due to my site on progress to prepare fuctional and section
  9. 1.For follow button issues I already fix by add to custom.css .elGalleryImage .ipsButton.ipsButton_primary { background: #2193E6 !important; border: 1px solid #2193E6 !important; } 2. Comment tab text fixed by add to axenglobal.css .ipsTabs { color: #2193E6; } 3. For toggleFullscreen icon still couldn't fix I thing something need to check on the gallery.css might be need to modify css of font awesome can you help for this? [data-role="toggleFullscreen"]:after { font-family: FontAwesome; content: "\f065"; } #cLightbox[data-fullScreen] [data-role="toggleFullscreen"]:after { content: "\f066"; }
  10. Yes all fuction work perfectly only would like to change to easy click for switching between normal and lighbox views
  11. @aXenDev I have been tried to do styling css for the follow button on the Gallery application but couldn't fix it can you help to advise how can I fix it? Dark Verions issues is when click on the follow button seem unreadable can we change icon "View Full Image"? Light Version issues is when click on the follow button seem unreadable can we change icon "View Full Image"? On the comments tab can we change font color? Thank you in advance
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