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  1. Your live demo is not working? Is there a chance to see it live somewhere?
  2. We really like you plugin. Just a suggestion for next versions: Record page: add reactions, I'm not sure how it works, I saw something like this in settings but it's not working for us. All we get is reviews next to author's name. Would be great to show also reaction (number of likes) next to author - in this section Optional link to comments section (should be quite easy to add to template). When the article is long - it's useful Front page view: would be great to add number of comments to block with news. Can be similar to Invision Board albums/gallery. Small indicator with number
  3. Hi @Kevin Carwile, Are you planning to update your plugin for 4.5. I'm interested in buying it.
  4. Is it possible to change Albums listings? I really like how it looks but actually we want to do something similar but for albums. We got site from CG people, the problem for us is people - we are using Albums - every user is uploading image or few images using gallery "albums". Is it possible to change view of album listing - just to show cover and when you click on it - it will show content of albums as usual?
  5. Hi, We are unable to use community after upgrading to 4.4.8. We are having issues with javascript files. Is there a was to regenerate them. What can we do. It looks like javascript layer is not working. Default skin or our custom is not working. Tried different browsers etc.
    It's great. But only for users using AdBlock/uBlock plugins. Right now in some browsers you've got blocking ads added as a feature. E.g. Brave browser (getting really popular, or even Firefox). It's not working if you use Brave (and it's blocking ad mechanism). Would be great to add it. I know there are sites detecting this also for Brave.
  6. OK. Where I can find the template with HTML code? In plugins section (templates) I got this (attachment). I believe it's connected with other template but I'm not able to find it.
  7. I know currently images related with superblocks are "backgrounds" to make rendering faster but is there a way to make images clickable? It's div and even with image rendered as background this should be possible, right?
  8. OK. So here's my setup. I've got articles, database but nothing is showing. I've got one database (Articles) (screenshot #1) As you can see I've got 3 items in "Articles" I've created new block showing record feed (see attachment #3) Result at my home - stock articles feed (database feed) is showing articles. Custom (SuperBlocks) is showing nothing. Do I need to rebuild something to make it work?
  9. Sorry. Not sure how I pushed this draft here. I edited my post and pushed the right question.
  10. OK. Let's start from the beginning. I started using your plugins: SuperTopics (no issues) SuperBlock (!) I'm not able to make it work. Custom block is not showing my artcile's feed. I read docs. I've created block, I set up content etc. I can see the error and that's all. Two pages back there was one user with one similar issue. I saw that when setting up SuperBlocks - I'm not able to select "Articles" category until I add on my page stock "Database block" showing "articles". Do I need to set up somehow "Articles" category or page?
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