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  1. 1. Got it. I'll create my own page to accomplish that task then. 2. Yes I did. It's just the Away.php file that should go in /applications/core/extensions/core/ModCpMemberManagement/, correct? If so, then that's what I've done and the Away tab isn't showing up.
  2. Thanks for the quick response! Two things: 1. I don't think I was clear in my last message (my apologies), but is there a public list where all members can see other members who are away? 2. I actually don't see an "Away" tab on my Member Management list. I uploaded the Away.php file to the correct place I think, but it isn't visible.
  3. Hi there! Thanks so much for the plugin. I was wondering, is it supposed to also create a page that lists all the members who are currently away? It looks like there's something in the templates to that effect, but I'm not seeing it as an option under Pages or Blocks. Any help is much appreciated!
  4. That’s true, most do. The biggest I can think of that doesn’t is Reddit, at least in terms of email. I’m also coming from existing forum software that doesn’t have this restriction. The reason I’m asking is because I run an RPG and having multiple accounts allows our users to keep different characters separate. I’ve seen other people mention on various threads they run similar types of boards and just wanted to know if they had found a way around this restriction.
  5. That seems like an odd unilateral choice to make for all boards...are there any plugins or anything that could adjust that?
  6. I think the title is self-explanatory, but basically I would like to allow users to register multiple accounts using the same email address. I didn't see an option in the settings to turn this off, so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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