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  1. Diplomunion

    Dreadnought Theme [ support topic ]

    Permissions were fine but I reinstalled the entire theme and its working again.
  2. Diplomunion

    Dreadnought Theme [ support topic ]

    I'm having the same issue as well. All that appears is a blank slider. Its weird b/c it was working before.
  3. Diplomunion

    Dreadnought Theme [ support topic ]

    I feel silly haha. I was looking at the parent forum and not the child forums. Thank you once again.
  4. Diplomunion

    Dreadnought Theme [ support topic ]

    Sorry Taman, I'm having trouble finding the area in ACP where I can upload custom icons. Could I trouble you to be a little more specific? Is there a specific page in ACP that I need to go to because I can't find it. Thanks!
  5. Diplomunion

    Dreadnought Theme [ support topic ]

    Hi Taman, I was wondering if you could help with this. I help run a gaming-themed community and I wanted to change the forum icons to something more gamer-themed for each forum board on the main forum menu. How is this possible? Thanks
  6. Diplomunion

    Dreadnought Theme

    Its hard to imagine the invision community without noticing Taman's impact. This theme is great and his support has been timely and reliable. Through my interaction with him, I truly recommend this theme as well as any product that he's created.
  7. Diplomunion

    Dreadnought Theme [ support topic ]

    Thank you so much Taman I'll try this when I get home.
  8. Diplomunion

    Dreadnought Theme [ support topic ]

    Hi, Thank you for the prompt response. Is there a workaround you'd recommend? Should I use a different "page" as my front page and save pages for areas of the website I don't want to have the slider on? Thanks again.
  9. Diplomunion

    Dreadnought Theme [ support topic ]

    Hi Taman, Love your work on this theme. After searching this thread for about 15 minutes I'm having difficulty finding an answer to the issue I'm having. I have a front page from pages that has a slider, but I want it hidden on every other page that I have. Is there a way this is possible? I'm seeing there's only a way to exclude pages but this also removes it from the front page. Please advise. Thanks!
  10. Hi GriefCode - we're using your free Discord widget and was wondering how we would be able to make some minor edits to what shows up.

    Mainly an Discord banner, and centering the Join Us button.


  11. Diplomunion

    Migration from Xenforo to IPB

    Hi Andy, will this message appear if we have yet to turn our community off? I'm sure we're putting in the correct information here.
  12. Hello, We are in the process of converting our community from Xenforo. Is this still the applicable guide: We are using the cloud hosting option. Thanks