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  1. Hi TAMAN, I want to change the color of the Group Colors in the topics, but something is bugged in the theme. Can you please help me how to fix this? : How it is in the default theme: https://prnt.sc/p0ya22 How it is in the Magnum theme: https://prnt.sc/p0y9z6 Thank you in advance! Kind Regards, Steve
  2. Hi guys, I just started my new IPS forum. I'm trying to get higher in the Google ranking right now, so I need to improve my SEO. I know a lot of SEO, because I'm studying Ecommerce marketing, so I don't need any advise to get higher in the ranking. But I know you can add robots at your SEO part in the ACP, but when I submit my robots, it doesn't save. Does anyone has the same problem? Or does anyone has a solution to get the robots.txt fixed? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Steve
    I don't write usually reviews, but I want to let everyone know that it's the best Theme you can get. Even the support is perfect. Thank you T!AMAN
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