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  1. Greetings! I have a few questions after reading through the IPS help documentation, limited videos, and marketplace. #1. Are article tags (as seen below) a built in feature of IPS? Please direct me to a similar plugin/app OR proper documentation area. #2. Are 'Articles' & 'Records' essentially the same thing? If not; Please explain the difference in clear terms for a new user. #3. In terms of Article Templates. Is there a way to change the template used for each individual article posted? If not; Please direct me to a similar plugin/app. 'A different articles' & 'Pages Supergrid' are nice, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Example: Write Article, Toggle 'Template A', Post Article, Article now uses 'Template A' style. Any input or assistance would be greatly appreciated. IPS is a great system, I'm just having a hard time with some definitions along with what is/isn't already a built in feature. I'm 10 days strong and loving every second of it. Thanks for your time.
  2. RetroSynth

    BLACK FRIDAY | 25% OFF | (SD) Game Keys Store

    This product is the reason I went with IPS. Great stuff here.
  3. RetroSynth

    New Topic Rules

    Just a timer, like a stop watch. Showing the time that has elapsed for the specific topic. Not sure there is another way to put that. It's whatever. I'll add it myself or get a freelancer to add it. Thanks for your time.
  4. RetroSynth

    New Topic Rules

    Greetings! Does this plugin have a timer? I'd like to require the user to view said topic for a set a mount of time. Does this have the ability to extent to pages? Much appreciated and great plugins. I'm truly impressed.
  5. RetroSynth

    Availability of Custom Themes & Mods?

    Thank you very much. I feel foolish having missed that link in my search.
  6. Greetings, I'm interested in the paid development community; If one exists. I'm speaking in reference to the number of sites/services that offer custom development of IPS Themes or Mods. I've used Google, however, it's hard to tell which are legitimate or still active. Can anyone speak on this? Sorry if this is the wrong section.