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  1. Sorry I'm a bit confused. It says that Cloud Hosted IPB does not work but then there are instructions on how to do this. I notice that there are no refunds if it doesn't work with my provider. I own my own server that hosts my teamspeak. I am sure that won't be an issue.. My only hangup is going to be my cloud hosted IPB. Any clarification would be great. Thanks!
    Great overall add-on. Super easy to setup and work the way you want it to. Few things lacking - Responsiveness, would like to see fields availability based on values of other fields. For instance, if you have a "How did you hear about us" field, and they chose "Other".. Would be nice if a text area populated to fill in the other. - No way to filter out fields. Back to previous example, you cannot break down the responses into reports. "Number of submissions that heard of us from _____ source". - Lastly, when you create a topic from the submission that needs approval the approval doesn't fully update the form status. When you go into Applications to approve the application, it says that it has been approved already from the topic.. However, this doesn't actually work because the role assigned doesn't update. End result is you have to approve the application and the topic. Two step process. But meh, minor inconvenience.
  2. Is there a way to change the way the awards are listed on the category page? I would like to display three awards on the same row instead of on top of each other.
  3. Any 4.3 compatibility updates?

    1. Veilon


      Hey! Fline will be ready within 1-2 days, surface 3-4

  4. Kind of both actually. So if a user requests access to a club, once they are approved by the club admin/moderator, the system will assign either a secondary group or change the primary group of the user. That distinction should be a setting in the admin panel for the club. If I am not explaining this properly I apologize. Usage function would be simple really. That way you can open links/pages/forums etc based on which club they were in since they would be assigned the correct group and/or secondary group once added.
  5. I submitted a ticket and the support team was able to change the storage option.
  6. These are great additions. Now, I would LOVE for the user to get an auto sub-role when they are approved to a group. That way you can open more content from the site simply by managing roles per which club they are in.
  7. Would be nice to have the option on automatically adding either a sub-role(s) or a primary role based on which club the member joins. That way, an admin can assign members to clubs or approve members and they are given roles based on the club settings. Was looking for a plugin. Not really able to find anything that can do that. But since these are core features, figured I would suggest it here.
    Glitchy. I am not using the role sync, ban sync or any of that. I am using it mainly to AUTH and Post to channels. Few things that have gone wrong. One.. Somehow the bot that was added to the server was able to kick a member. Not sure what caused that. Everything seems to work.. But there are a TON of system error logs for Rate Limiting. It's about every two hours. I am fairly positive this shouldn't be happening. I reached out to developer about this and got no response. Seems strange that the price was increased to "cut down" on support requests. Does that mean, you won't respond to support requests after paying $60? Just curious.
  8. The fix was something to do with where the image was being stored. iAwards is set to use local storage. If you have the cloud version of IPB this will not work. You need to change the file storage to S3.
  9. Image icons for the awards don't show up. It appears to upload but then not visible.
  10. Is there a way to auto assign a sub group based on approval to a club?

  11. So I created category, created award, uploaded image however it's showing a blank image holder on the award screen If I click show image in I get this error message This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
  12. Interested in being beta tester for stacked

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