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  1. Yes, I tried it before but wildcards are not working. Slider just disappears from topics if I put http://forum.zoneofgames.ru/topic/* or http://forum.zoneofgames.ru/topic/*/ in the box.
  2. Hm, that's weird idea. We have 50000+ topics ? It's impossible to include all of them in list. And this will not solve the problem with displaying on the 2+ page. Also, few suggestions: Widget "Where to show": All pages/page lists are not enough. I don't know IPS' features but I would be great to add "topic lists", "subforum lists", "topics in subforum lists". F.e. we need to show this widget in all topics from "Games" subforum. "Contents" section in CP. I really miss options like "show content from last 3/7/30/60 days" or "show content with at least 5/10/100 posts". Put comments/posts counter on slides ?
  3. This bug disappears if I turn off "Ignore items if no image" option. But topics are shown without images.
  4. I have a problem with slider in topics (all of them). Here's example http://forum.zoneofgames.ru/topic/30477-tales-of/, slider is in bottom side. On the first page it looks ok. But if we choose 2nd page (it'll load via ajax) and press F5, we'll see that slider gives us different topics with images from SECOND post (not first one) --> http://forum.zoneofgames.ru/topic/30477-tales-of maj-eyal/?page=2 And on 3rd page we'll see "This slider has no contents" because 3rd page doesn't have images at all --> http://forum.zoneofgames.ru/topic/30477-tales-of maj-eyal/?page=3
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