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  1. This is a piece of functionality that I'd really like right now. I'm going to have to go the route of creating a group per club.
  2. I'd like to sell items to members of a private club, but initially limit the sales to two of each item per member. I am concerned with limited availability and some items are expected to sell out quickly. After a number of months I'd like to be able to remove the limits. Can I accomplish this is the IPS Commerce app? I see an option to allow each member to buy only one of each item, but how to limit to any other number. I saw the Group with Parent option, which I suppose would allow me to sell two of an item if I treat the second item as an association. However, I don't see how this would accurately keep track of the stock given the two different items required. If this is not possible, does anyone have a suggestion for an alternative platform?
  3. I don't see to be able to access the support / suggestions threads. But I'm having a problem with my raffle. I created a giveaway with several prizes. I was trying to create a giveaway with 8 different copies of the same prize, but I couldn't figure out how. Instead I just created 8 identical prizes. The expiration time has come and gone, but the raffle is showing up as expired instead of completed. What am I do wrong here? How do I complete the raffle and see the winners? The admin CP lists the raffle as expired, and shows the raffled ending time in the past.
  4. Question: is there support to limiting participation in raffles and giveaways to just members with a minimum number of posts to the forum? I'd like to not give away swag to people who walk in off the internet.
  5. I'd like to create one (or maybe more?) featured blog in the community. To help drive traffic, I'd like to give it a more simplified URL than the one that is automatically generated. Think of something like www.mycommunity.com/myblog instead of www.mycommunity.com/blogs/blog/4-myblog. I can create a Page with the desired URL and add a feed of all blogs, but can I feature just one blog this way? I'm not super savvy with IPS, but it seems like all the pieces should be here.
  6. Confirmed that I never purchased that app. Not sure how the reference got in there if it wasn't though the latest Classifieds app which comes from the same vendor. Or for some reason I'm cross-linked against someone on the same IPS Cloud server.
  7. Okay, I'll bite. How do I do that? I was unaware that I even had such functionality.
  8. I am awaiting club approval on BBcode.it, but in the interim will ask here. I tried adding a "Adverts" app to two clubs on my site. Both gave an uninformative "Something went wrong. Please try again." Checking the system logs: Backtrace: I am running system 4.2.1 and Classifieds 1.1.2
  9. A related question... Is it possible to enable a club to sell merchandise or services? I'm imagining a use case where a club might want to sell their own memberships, event registrations, etc. I'd really like to make this possible.
  10. I have a domain registered with Google Domains and set the name servers (DNS) according to the IPS Cloud instructions. Unfortunately this disables the Google email support. How can I setup email addresses on my domain? It seems IPS does not include this, so is there a way to adjust the DNS settings to allow it? EDIT: is email forwarding at least supported?
  11. Okay, so pretend I'm the seller. Where do I go on the site to view my credit and request the withdrawal? I don't (yet) have a store enabled, just the classifieds.
  12. I just posted an item from my personal account and bought it from my test account. I don't understand how to get the money / credit to the seller. I can't see anywhere on the seller's account that lists the credit. What is process to use transactions so that a buyer can arrange for delivery of an item, the seller can be paid, and the site can take it's commission?
  13. EDIT: never mind. I missed the last step in the setup manual where I tie the categories together
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