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  1. Okay. It's beyond my knowledge how these things work. So, I'm going to have to request a refund. Many of my members rely on TT - including a couple of my mods. So if the 2 can't play well together, I have to get rid of the one with the least useable features - at least for my particular forum. In this case, it's KS.
  2. As far as I know, Tapatalk doesn't break itself? It works when KS is disabled, it doesn't work when KS is enabled. This includes both putting KS at the top and Tapatalk at the top.
  3. More specifically, it's 12.0.0 (10012)
  4. This error (in Tapatalk) goes away when I disable Kitchen Sink. I've tried moving both apps to the top of the list, and still get the same error.
  5. Unfortunately, Kitchen Sink renders Tapatalk almost completely useless. At least from my experience. Are there any workarounds available? Any suggestions are welcome, as I really want to be able to use Kitchen Sink.
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