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  1. Invite System

    Is there a simple way to call a function or API to increment a userId/username's invite count by one? I'm integrating a separate site (with \IPS\Session\Front::i()) and want to add one in response to verifying their email. Thanks!
  2. Invite System

    Sorry, I mean is it possible to have members/end-users only generate tokens with invites and not email?
  3. Invite System

    Hi, is it possible to generate invitation tokens (not send emails, but generate a key to give out to another user to enter at signup only) - not in ACP but for individual users, and disable email functionality completely? Are users specifically tied to other users (like x invited y publicly shown or queryable via API/DB)? Thanks!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Overrides outgoing HTTP/S requests to require a proxy. Useful if you are behind a reverse proxy such as Akamai, Blaze, or Incapsula. WARNING: Mail may potentially not be intercepted this way and can leak in headers; consider using a mail service that accepts outgoing messages via HTTPS REST API or run something such as https://www.nginx.com/resources/admin-guide/mail-proxy/ WARNING #2: Ensure curl works and you have an up to date version. If your php curl is broken then IPS will fail back to using sockets or whatever and completely ignore this.


  5. The part you want to protect here is traffic for [china] → [vpn server]. The part you have to trust, and can be exposed is [vpn server] → [final destination site]. It also doesn't need to be 'detecting a VPN' specifically, but most payment providers flag extreme things like 'this ISP does not exist in this billing address country' or 'this city is 6400 km away from this IP's general area'
  6. Migrating from Discourse. Looking for a registration webhook: basically, upon registration, IPB sends a HTTPS POST to my url with parameters like email, user, ip, etc. How difficult would this be to write myself if it doesn't exist? Thanks.