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  1. Most social networks support mentioning by first name. So once you @-mention someone, their whole user name appears, but you can then click backspace, leaving the first name only. This makes conversations sound more natural. Currently I’m overriding this by editing HTML source, but that’s of course not available for usual members.
  2. I have several pinned topics in every of ~10 forums. Having them pinned in the Fluid View makes the latter totally unusable. The whole first page consists entirely of pinned topics. I was so thrilled to hear about the Fluid View, and now I hate to say that I have completely turned it off. Darn. Upd. Just find the setting not to Honor Pinned Topics. Silly me!
  3. Thank you! I even managed to find where to download this file
  4. I’m not sure how exactly we purchased this (we have other employees managing this), but here’s payment confirmation. Transaction details - PayPal15USD.pdf
  5. Yes, sure. And I managed to find the “Upload new version” link here. But I don’t know what to upload.
  6. How do I upgrade the version? When I go to the marketplace page, I just see the "Buy" option.
  7. Is there any way to turn off the forum filter box in the fluid view? It really messes up the way I want the sidebar to look.
  8. The per-page limitation of 25 entries in the API is making coding harder on my side (need to go through all pages). If possible please allow to remove the per-page limit via request parameters (e.g. ?perPage=500).
  9. I came up with the same idea, @Bluto. I don’t need this amount of customization, but what I do need is get rid of the Title/Content fields, which seem to be mandatory. Did you find any way to get around that? Thanks in advance for your reply! P.S. Yep, do I understand this topic is 3 years old.
  10. I need this functionality very much. If this plugin is deprecated, is there a newer replacement?
  11. Where to download the file? The snippet is not loading.
  12. Would be great if one could set a featured image for a blog post, so that it is "taken up" by social networks when sharing. Actually, it's such a standard functionality, I'm surprised it isn't there already.
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