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  1. Is it possible to use a PHPNuke plugin? And if not, is there a "marketplace" of sort where I could contract out work to port a public PHPNuke plugin over?
  2. Hello, How do I enable signatures to be in use on ALL private messages, for all users? Bonus Question - Is there a way I can automate signatures based on user group, such as a plugin? Thanks in advance.
  3. Is there any chance that this will be updated/modified to work with IPS Hosting? I'd buy it in an instant - and the majority of IPS users now are on Cloud Hosting!
  4. My site uses quite a few pages - some which store critical data, images, etc. Some of the pages however, talk about some of the sub-communities of the community. I would like to give the moderators/administrators of each sub-community edit access for the pages related to them. My question is, is it possible to give edit access on a page by page basis, rather than just giving an administrator access over ALL the pages?
  5. I'll answer your questions in order, as you were so kind to format them for the eyes! Yes, it would preferably be an ACP function for Admins only. Rolling basis, correct - So perhaps, after one month from the date of the message being "inactive", (or created, either works), it would be deleted from the database. Preferably, this would be a variable that the Admin could set within the ACP. A "Delete All" function would be nice in the long run as well, to delete all messages should the storage become suddenly clogged. All messages from all users, after a set time. It's a shame that this isn't a default function of the ACP. I use the IPS Cloud Hosting, which does not grant access to the actual database where these messages are stored, so I can't even manually delete. It essentially means I have to upgrade my hosting at some point down the line, regardless of the Active number of members I have online (typically hovers around ~35). Thanks for asking, and I hope something comes of it. Try to let me know if it does! I'd probably be willing to pay $20 for a plugin such as this.
  6. Hello guys, I've started using a great plugin for mass private messages, as it's much better for our members, and less bothersome than bulk email. However, the problem is, when you send out a mass private message, that means you're sending thousands, due to the number of members we have. The problem with that is that it takes up space (typically 5mb per 500 messages). This racks up quickly, and as we only have 5GB of usable space for storage, I was wondering if there were functions for the following to do across the entire site?: Is there a way to wipe private messages that are a certain "age"? Is there a way to set an expiration date for messages to be removed?
    Works as advertised - surprised something like this didn't come out sooner for IPS4 though. My only complaint, after a few hours usage, is that when you click "Save" on a message, it instantly sends it - I didn't realize this at first, and it sent to EVERY MEMBER ON MY SITE. I thought I would do the filters later! It would be preferable to be able to "Save" the messages prior to sending them, with a separate button to send it out, similar to how the core Bulk Mail function works. Otherwise great, no other complaints!
  7. Hey guys, I recently upgraded my Cloud package from the smallest $20/mo package to the slightly larger package that provides more online user capability and the Commerce App. However, the Commerce app isn't appearing. Anyone have any ideas? I'm not sure if there's something I have to do on my end, as I'm somewhat new to using the Cloud hosting. Normally, I would think I could just download the commerce app on the portal. I contacted support yesterday, but it looks like they're away or, at least, very delayed for the holiday weekend. Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. I was about to respond with the old, "Didn't you hear me? I said prefixes not colors", but then I tried it first.. Works perfectly - thank you so much!
  9. Hello everyone, Before I go running to the support desk, hopefully you guys can help me here. I'm trying to make it so that I can have a group based prefix show up in front of members usernames, and have it used everywhere. Currently, I used the basic prefix-groupname-suffix setting under each indivudal group to set a prefix, but that only puts the prefix in front of their username in things like the chatbox and "Who's online" tab. Is there a DIY way to accomplish this so that it shows up everywhere, including in front of their names on latest threads, and so on? If not, is there a purchasable/free plugin that accomplishes this? Any help would be much appreciated.
    No readme or explanation of how to input proper protocol. Tried using "t3", "ts3", and "ts3server" as protocols and any links I input on the website did not work. Needs instructions, as well as list of common protocols like TS, Steam, etc.
  10. Are there plans to allow for multiple staff directories? For example, if I want forum staff to appea/r on one staff directory/page, and administration staff to appear on a completely separate staff directory/page, is that possible?
    Would be great if you uploaded it as an actual plugin / application. The majority of users seem to use the cloud based hosting, where they don't allow us to have FTP access. Do you have plans to ever make it compatible?
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