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  1. Would be great if moderators or admin can move multiples topics to database at the same times. I've got a forum where many topics could be move to a database.
  2. Would it be possible to only show this on desktop sizes. I've try to find a way in the guides, but with no success...
  3. Hello @TAMAN, I recently had an idea for my theme. In fact, I would like the logo in the upper left corner to slightly overflow the header. Here is an example of what I mean: Would it be difficult to accomplish with a simple CSS change? If it requires too many changes, it is ok!
  4. Hi Taman, There is something wrong with the position of the userNav.. See now: And how it was intended to be in the previous version: (note that I added "padding-right: 20px;" on the first version) Is it something that I can fix easily?
    This theme is just fantastic. You can easily modify it according to your preference. The support provided by Taman is above all expectations. Updates are made quickly. I had a particular need for modification and Taman was pleased to offer me a solution that very well met my needs. You can't go wrong buying this theme. 5 stars!
  5. That should help: There is a space at the left and right of the header. The background of the header should be 100% wide.
  6. In addition to my previous post, it also seems like the update add a space right and left of the header (not the footer), when set to Wide. See: (tested in IExplorer and Chrome, with a default Template installation)
  7. @TAMAN, seems like this mod for the usernav don't work with version 2.0. Did you change something?
  8. Hi @TAMAN, Is there a way to keep all settings modifications if we install it like a new theme? Or I should do the change manually?
  9. Wow! It look awesome! I will try it on my board! Thanks again!
  10. Hello Taman, As discussed privately, I would like to see some changes to the userbar. Taman kindly offered to submit my ideas in this topic. The desired changes are somewhat different from those discussed earlier in this discussion. So here is a description of what I want (see the screenshot for a general idea): - Move the bar just below the header; - Keep a small empty space to separate them; - Do not include the userbar with the "fix header"; - Decrease the size of the userbar (see screenshot); - Give a translucent effect similar to the header on dark tone; - Remove the colored bar on the right; - For the left side, in an ideal world, I would have liked a gradient transparent from left to right. If it's complicated, then we could keep the current style. Thanks again Taman for this excellent theme!
  11. Hi, In facts, it shows on the demo website or any other. Using Edge or IE 11, the page show fine, but if I look at the browser bottom slider, I see that there seems to be space (see attach files).
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