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  1. Free

    Customize Admin Login Page

    Customize Admin Login Page
    Have you ever wanted a beautiful background image on the AdminCP login page, or your own logo displayed above the login form? Look no further!
    This plugin allows you to set customize the AdminCP login page, and set a custom background image or change the logo above the form. At the moment, the current customizations are available:
    Custom background image. Custom logo above the form. Board name above the form. Possible future customizations include, but are not limited to:
    Upload multiple background images and have them rotate. Insert custom CSS on the login page. Suggestions for additional customizations are welcome!


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  2. Free

    Customize New Member Badge

    Customize New Member Badge
    This plugin will let you customize the badge displayed below the profile photos of new members when viewing a topic. You can easily change the icon, change how long a member should be considered new, or disable the badge completely.
    Suggestions for additional customizations are welcome!
    Known issues:
    As of version 1.0.0, there are no known issues.


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  3. Free

    Improve Storage Configurations Display Name

    A simple plugin that improves the display names of Amazon S3 storage configurations.
    When you add an Amazon S3 bucket storage configuration, only the bucket name is displayed in the overview and settings lists. This makes it hard (close to impossible) to differentiate between different configurations, if you use the same bucket more than once, e.g. the same bucket with different bucket paths.
    This plugin appends the bucket path, if set, to the display name of Amazon S3 storage configurations.
    There are no settings or options, you just enable the plugin and let the magic happen.


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  4. Free

    Colorize Report Icons

    Are you tired of the dark and monotone icons of the report panel? Do you want to live a more colorful life? Fear no more, the solution is here!
    This simple and completely free plugin makes it almost too easy to change the colors of the report icons, regardless of where they appear. Set your own custom colors from the settings page, and the new colorized report icons will fill your live with joy. 
    Known issues:
    It might be necessary to perform a force reload of your community in your browser, or clear your browser cache, after setting or changing the custom colors. A fix will be released as soon as possible.


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  5. $10.00

    Mark Topic

    Mark Topic
    Important note: Version 2.0.0 is a complete rewrite, and requires Invision Community 4.5. Mark Topic is now an application, and upgrading from version 1.1.0 will automatically copy all existing markers and topic markers before deleting the old plugin. There are no known risks with upgrading, but you should always keep backups of your database.
    If you're still using Invision Community 4.4 or earlier, please download version 1.1.0 of this plugin.
    Mark Topic is an application that will let you and your members mark topics with a badge. This is useful for e.g. support forums (mark the topic as solved/fixed), commerce forums (mark the topic as sold/bought), and story forums (mark the topic as a true/false story). You can create different markers for different forums, and chose which member groups are allowed to use the different markers.
    After a topic is marked, a badge will appear next to or after the topic title when viewing the forum and when viewing the topic. You can customize the background color, text color, and the text of the badge, as well as choose to display the badge before or after the topic title.
    It is also possible to automatically lock or unlock the topic, or move it to another forum, when it is marked and unmarked.
    Administrators are always able to mark and unmark all topics, and you may chose which moderator groups have permission to do the same. If a member group is allowed to use a marking, members of that group will be able to mark and unmark their own topics in that forum. Each marker may have unique permissions.
    New in version 2.0.0 is that you may now choose between multiple markers when marking a topic, if multiple markers are available. The markers will be presented in a small popup window, making it easier than ever to choose the correct marker. Another new feature is that notifications will be sent to the topic authors (if enabled by the members) when their topics are marked and/or unmarked.
    Known issues:
    As of version 2.0.0 (awaiting release), there are no known issues.
    Planned features:
    Some of the planned features include:
    Markers statistics in the ACP. Widgets, and statistics on member profiles. Require markers after creating a topic, with automatic reminders to mark the topic. Support for multi-moderation. Marking and unmarking topics show up in the activity log. Added features:
    Lock and/or move topics when they are marked. (Added in version 1.1.0) Unlock and/or move topics when they are unmarked. (Added in version 1.1.0) Translatable markers. (Added in version 1.1.0) Choose between multiple markers when marking a topic. (Added in version 2.0.0) Send notifications when marking/unmarking topics. (Added in version 2.0.0)

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  6. Free

    Embed Streamable

    A very simple plugin with one task and one task only: Add support for automatically embedding Streamable videos in posts.
    There are no settings or options, you just enable the plugin and let your users embed videos from Streamable!


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