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Downloads posted by Runar

  1. Free

    Customize Admin Login Page

    Customize Admin Login Page
    Have you ever wanted a beautiful background image on the AdminCP login page, or your own logo displayed above the login form? Look no further!
    This plugin allows you to set customize the AdminCP login page, and set a custom background image or change the logo above the form. At the moment, the current customizations are available:
    Custom background image. Custom logo above the form. Board name above the form. Possible future customizations include, but are not limited to:
    Upload multiple background images and have them rotate. Insert custom CSS on the login page. Suggestions for additional customizations are welcome!


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  2. Free

    Embed Streamable

    A very simple plugin with one task and one task only: Add support for automatically embedding Streamable videos in posts.
    There are no settings or options, you just enable the plugin and let your users embed videos from Streamable!


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  3. Free

    Improve Storage Configurations Display Name

    A simple plugin that improves the display names of Amazon S3 storage configurations.
    When you add an Amazon S3 bucket storage configuration, only the bucket name is displayed in the overview and settings lists. This makes it hard (close to impossible) to differentiate between different configurations, if you use the same bucket more than once, e.g. the same bucket with different bucket paths.
    This plugin appends the bucket path, if set, to the display name of Amazon S3 storage configurations.
    There are no settings or options, you just enable the plugin and let the magic happen.


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