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    Hezeber reacted to batarjal for a file, Patreon Integration   
    With this plugin site owners can connect a Patreon campaign to their forum allowing members to link their Patreon accounts. Connected members can gain access rights and be shown in top lists helping the monetization of your site.
    Requires a free Patreon API key / Client which can be obtained here.
    All campaign data will be pulled automatically - The ACP allows easily to assign Patreon tiers to user groups. The campaign image, description text and join button can be shown in a widget. Members can link and unlink their accounts to Patreon form the user menu Settings > Connect Patreon Account. Linked members can be assigned to user groups according to their pledge tier. If a member changes their pledge or unlinks their account the user group assignments can be removed automatically. Widgets for current goal, top patrons and new patrons. Widgets show join campaign link for members that are not already a patron. Pledges, goals and campaign information will be automatically updated in the background to stay up to date. How to Install
    Go to ACP > applications and upload the downloaded tar file After installation a free Patreon Client ID and Refresh Token have to be added in the settings. The Client can be created here. Notes
    The patreon API is currently not maintained by patreon but still working fine. Only $ based goals are supported.  
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    Hezeber reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Change Group After Ban Member via Warn System   
    This plugin will give admin the ability to choose a group to move the member when a moderator bans this member via Warn System. It will also add ability to disallow SUSPENDED members to start or replies to topics in specific forums chosen on Admin CP (plugin settings).

    Choose group where members will be moved to Restrict suspended members from posting content in (specific forums) A block will display the Note for Member in the user profile (you can choose which groups will view the block)
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    Hezeber reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Assign Staff Member to Reports   
    For a better organize of Report Center and a better distribution of work between moderators, this resource allows admins to assign moderators to specific reports. Only Admins can assign other admins and moderators to a report.
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