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  1. None of the 4.1 methods work unfortunately.
  2. Hello, I've done a lot of digging through old threads on here and on Google, but it seems none of the solutions are relevant anymore. I had done this on 4.1.x but since 4.2.x I can't for the life of me find where to hide the Group text in the post container. This is what I am talking about: Under the avatar on all posts, we have a custom group text for some of our admin/moderator ranks. If you notice above the image, it also says "Founder" - How do I remove that text from displaying on 4.2? For my mods, it says "Moderator" and so on right above the rank image. It's not in the same location in the custom HTML/CSS editor as it was on 4.1 Thanks
  3. Hello, I have a question regarding custom profile fields on the registration page. For almost a year now, I have had a Select Box (drop down menu) on my registration page called "Game" with 5 different games listed. Upon registration, the user selects their game via the drop down menu. It is a required field. After a recent update to IPS software, this profile field has stopped working. No matter what option the user selects, it no longer displays in their profile. When I view the user through the ACP, the drop down shows a 'blank' field selected under 'Game' - There is no blank option possible on the field, yet it keeps defaulting to it in the ACP. If I manually change their game to what they wanted to pick from the blank option, it once again shows up on their profile and post container. This was never an issue but it has just started happening. I even tried to create a new drop down menu with similar options and it is doing the same thing. Even when there isn't a blank option, it is defaulting to a blank option. I have to manually go into the ACP and unselect the blank option on their profile and change it to what they wanted from the menu. I have also tried this with text box, radio boxes, check boxes and allowing multiple choices on the select box. All have the same issue. It doesn't save what they select/write/choose, but instead it saves it as a blank option so it doesn't appear on the profile or post container. Any ideas?
  4. Hi, I was on shared hosting from Site Ground but recently moved to a Linode. I followed the instructions and moved the website over. However, now only my homepage works. If I try to go to the forum index, I get an error: Same for any other URL on the website. Only the home page loads. I cannot even login to the website. Also when I try to log into the admin CP, I get this error: Any suggestions?
  5. Plugin not working after 4.1.19, as described in the post above.
  6. I upgrade my web hosting to a bigger plan and now all my themes, plugins etc etc are gone. My posts from the last 6 hours are gone, certain forums are missing for some members and some members can't even view the home page. Some members can still see the theme, but no plugin. Others can see plugin but no theme. Most cannot see any of it. I have tried on 4 different computers, 3 mobile devices after clearing my cache/history etc and it still doesn't work. What went wrong?
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