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  1. Great support and always there to help. Created a custom plugin for my odd need and did so with complete understanding of my requirements and very patient with my requirements/replies. Would highly recommend.
  2. Hey, Is it possible to make a profile field unique so that 2 users may not have the same content entered? Need a way to implement this to an existing field, willing to pay for a quick plugin if necessary.
  3. I have a user on my forums when logged in using the forums if he navigates the site back to the index using the logo in the top left or by pressing browse he gets automatically logged out. I'm able to reproduce it myself on firefox too. Has anyone else experienced this?
    No problems, easy setup. Great developer support.
  4. We're not blaming you, we're trying to calm you down from blaming IPS for your own mistakes. If you linked your site maybe someone would be kind enough to try and help you.
  5. Modifications don't have to come from FTP solely. It can be caused by exploits in out-dated plugins on any of your installs, be it WordPress, IPS etc. If you don't keep these updated, bots will exploit your site and then people will maliciously inject code into any php file they can possibly detect on your compromised site. Compromised websites 99% of the time are due to negligence on the webmaster's side due to not updating plugins, themes etc and not correctly securing things that should be. I.e. Admin Areas.
  6. If it got hacked in the first place, it's due to your negligence. The issue you're having with the sidebar is HTML related or theme related.
  7. If it got hacked, it's down to your setup. Not the IPS suite.
  8. What theme are you using? If you have no side bar it's probably related to the theme. Based on your image which really doesn't help.
  9. Hey, When using the steam login from the marketplace, it allows people to not have to fill in required profile fields. Anyone know of a way to force this to be required?
  10. Thanks, would be cool to have
  11. Donations > Donations & Search in the top right.
  12. I've got a feature request, in the Donations page where you see all the donations; if you search for a member could it maybe display a total row so that it just quickly adds up all the amounts?
  13. I have an open support ticket but haven't heard anything regarding it, as donations are not being added to the goal even though they're in the backend and neither are goals resetting correctly. This is prior to the recent update. Anyone know where Mike is? He seems to be inactive the past week.
  14. Found it under my plugin settings for "Group Name Indicator" phew!
  15. Hey, How do I re-order the group legend? Blowing my brains out trying to remember or if it's even possible.
  16. Sorry to bump, does anyone know if this is possible?
  17. Hey, So I've just enabled a steam login handler and I'm wondering if there's a way to force people to have to set a password & profile details rather than just a username and email? Thanks in advance!
  18. It was a manual donation that I added and deleted now it's still saying I'm a $ Donor.
  19. Sorry, where is this located? Also, I was testing some stuff and got myself added to $ Donors but I don't seem to be able to remove it currently. Thanks for the awesome app and help!
  20. Nah, only just recently bought it. Support is about to look into it now, just seems odd to suddenly start happening.
  21. Hey, I've also submitted a ticket, but posting here incase anyone else has an idea of why It's not working. I just cleared my cache and now all of a sudden there's a problem with my license. I've entered it again, tried to refresh. Nothing. I've tried disabling my servers firewall completely but still nothing.
  22. Hey, Is there anyway to customise the private message that is sent? Thanks!
  23. @Kevin 7 Dang, It's only 187 users so I think I can get pretty close with the criteria for now so I'll give it a go!
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