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  1. Sorry, we do not have a plugin for Litespeed Cache and Litespeed as a whole is limited in support. Reading their docs, this is not required to set it up but please be aware support of this would be completely on yourself and your hosting provider should you choose to use it.
  2. Could you please clarify which site this is happening to? The site you selected for this topic is on 4.6.7.
  3. My first recommendation would be to upgrade to the latest release as you're running 1 release behind currently. Is there anything running on your server at time of this happening? (e.g. server/database backup, database cleanup tasks, etc...) Are all permissions set correctly to your datastore directory that the system is able to read/write/delete?
  4. Unfortunately, the error there is that your MySQL server is not accepting a connection from the software. As mentioned, using Recovery Mode to login to your ACP and disable the application would determine if this is related to the application or not. However, the log you just provided further details a database connection issue so that may not be possible. If that is the case, you will need to contact your hosting provider for assistance with the connection to your database.
  5. The download option will export all translated language strings from your language pack. Unfortunately, you cannot say give me just Forums application.
  6. OK, please let us know once that done and if things aren't working as they should
  7. The upload took a little bit of time but completed for my testing on your community. The PDF is 31MB + so it will take some time. However, it completed and I was able to upload the screenshot then submit the file without issue.
  8. Thank you for reporting this. While we are currently unable to reproduce this, it will be rather difficult to resolve but I have brought it up internally to see if anyone can reproduce or has any feedback.
  9. Sorry, this is not something which we support out of the box at this time. You can certainly post a Feature Suggestion for it though 🙂 .
  10. PHP's memory limit on your server beyond what you did previously.
  11. Maybe a cache issue or something going on in that browser. Hard to say. At least it's working for you now. Please let us know if it comes back.
  12. Do you have any extensions/plugins on the browser? Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this on my own test install with this version of Firefox. Would also recommend disabling any third party applications/plugins on your community to completely test against our core software.
  13. Are you able to reproduce this every time with any image?
  14. You would want to go to the member's profile (or any members profile in the ACP if you want do all) in the ACP then click the down arrow on the content count and should see the option there.
  15. Yes, it is safe. We don't normally update changelog if we're patching but something was patched that had a changelog entry so created a new entry there. Our developers our working to resolve it.
  16. The "-200" error code from uploading generally comes from an error processing on your server. Did they upload the same exact image file in both browsers? Unfortunately, this is not something I can reproduce directly here.
  17. Thank you, this is something we're aware of and looking into.
  18. This would require a customization, I'm afraid.
  19. There are 2 tiers categories in the Blog application. The categories you added in admin are the categories which Blogs fall under. Then there are categories within Blogs which your Blog Entries fall under.
  20. Could you please post the updated server error log entry? There may be further information there.
  21. Sorry, I am may not be understanding here. Tags and Categories are not related, if that is what you are asking. They operate separately. If that is not what you're asking, could you please elaborate?
  22. Unfortunately, I also am unable to reproduce this. What browser are you using and is your local computer in English? $ is an HTML entity which should be interrupted by your browser.
  23. Excellent!! Glad to hear it went well this time.
  24. Could you please update the admin credentials on file so I can review your configuration for this and see what is happening?
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