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  1. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this. I would suggest clearing your browser's cache and trying again. There are no errors in the browser console:
  2. Unfortunately, we do not provide support for Windows servers. It may be that it requires further configuring on your server or otherwise. I am happy to move this topic to our peer-to-peer server support forum for further assistance once we address the second issue there. The latter there may be a bug and unrelated as there are service workers running outside of the push notification. What is being returned there is not JSON thus the Javascript is failing to parse the string into a JSON object. This could be your Windows server is generating an error page that was not anticipated but I would expect the above to catch that. However, when viewing your community, I am seeing that the service worker is running fine without error. Could you please clarify where and which user you're seeing this with? I can then investigate this further.
  3. You will want to check your datastore and template cache paths in ACP -> System -> Advanced Configuration. Then ensure your attachment file storage configuration are properly updated in ACP -> System -> Files -> Storage Settings -> Configuration.
  4. sorry, it is unclear what you are asking here. There are required cookies as a part of our software. Could you please elaborate on your request/issue?
  5. You would need to remove all caching which cache the whole page or session as this could cause issues in dynamic software where the same URL will supply various content depending on who is viewing it.
  6. Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce any issues on your community with that particular user. Have a few questions: Is this happening everywhere for that user or is it a specific topic? Either way, could you please have the user supply the URL they are accessing at the time of encountering this? Are other users encountering this? Is the user using an anti-virus or other extension which is requiring HTTPS? As your community is setup for HTTP, it would not work over HTTPS unless changed to do so.
  7. Thank you for updating your access information. I would recommend reaching out to your hosting provider to ask if they have any caching deployed on your server or domain. After attempting multiple things which would force the cache to reset in the software or mark properly these items as read is, unfortunately, still resulting in the same output for any member I log in as. This would indicate that some server cache is deployed and caching the page or otherwise which is resulting in what you're seeing.
  8. could you please let us know the account you've tested with and ensure that all your access details are valid in the Client Area? We can then investigate to see what has happened here.
  9. Unfortunately, this is not something which I can reproduce on my test installation. Could you please check to ensure that you have applied all patches and there are no issues with external connections on your server? You can do this by going to ACP -> Support
  10. In 4.6.8, we released a few new SEO features which you can read about here:
  11. The patch will be in ACP > Support, it isn’t a normal upgrade. Glad to hear that you found a way to apply it and it works 👍
  12. users would see the purchase price still, they would just have a download button available to them.
  13. You wouldn't need to move your subscription to a product then as it would have no bearing on this setup 🙂 .
  14. This would be under Manage Purchases -> click your license:
  15. Could you please update your access details in the Client Area so we can take a look? We may need to look at a few things, including marking the site as read.
  16. Is this happening with all accounts old and new alike? Or is it specifically happening with older accounts who have read a lot of content?
  17. Unfortunately, this would likely indicate that there is some corruption or issues with your language pack as you're missing text in many different areas. Do you have a modified language pack? You mentioned the database issues, do you have any outlined in ACP -> Support?
  18. Currently, what you want here is indeed possible through group permissions, however, you would need to allow your purchased group to be able to download any file throughout time. This setting is an all or nothing setting (as usually, it's provided to admins/moderators): Edit Group -> Downloads tab -> Can download paid files without paying? Through this, you would not need to make any change to your setup now as this would be handled through group permissions. Just would need to ensure that your groups are setup properly through registration.
  19. Just wanted to update this and state that this was patched yesterday. Please let us know if there are any further issues.
  20. Thank you for reporting this. Was able to login to your community, review your settings and now was able to reproduce this on my own installation so this is indeed a bug. I have reported it internally and a fix should be released in a future maintenance release. Thanks again!
  21. Thank you for sharing that. It is rather odd. Do you deny permissions to certain areas of your community? Do you mind updating the access details in the Client Area so we can review your community?
  22. From the screenshot provided, it does not appear to be so. The URL you provide to your RSS tool would need to have it. Additionally, the community cannot be offline, etc... which would render the RSS feed unreachable. To confirm, are you using an RSS reader or are you adding this as a calendar?
  23. You'll want to set "Maximum image dimension to save" to Unlimited.
  24. If you remove the resize settings in the ACP and upload the same file does it upload? If so, definitely something that would require more in depth review by yourself or your server administrator.
  25. The CDATA there looks to be valid. Could you please clarify what you are doing with the feed which it does not work?
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