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  1. As Nathan mentioned, this is not something which is in our software but is the add-on mentioned (or something else). I would advise disabling all third party add-ons and switching to a non-modified theme to test.
  2. There are blocks which display the top download files by number of downloads and reviews but not reactions. Is there a reason reviews is not used for this purpose?
  3. Achievements has been my favorite. My community loves being able to earn and progress through the ranks through the rules we've setup.
  4. Thank you, I was able to distinguish something which likely is a bug on our end as I am able to reproduce this in this case. I have submitted a bug report and a fix will be available in a future release. Thank you again for reporting!
  5. Unfortunately, the admin credentials on file are not working as provided. Please test and update.
  6. Unfortunately, FTP'ing into your server, I am seeing that your .htaccess has a redirect and a lot of custom items set in it. I would advise temporarily removing these to see if they impact it. If that does not help, please update the admin credentials on file and we can review further.
  7. You would need to reach out to your hosting provider for the investigation into why the table crash happened. I'm afraid, a table crash always happens because of an issue on the server side rather than the software side, such as improper shutdown, corruption on the storage disk, etc... Switching to InnoDB would be your hosting provider's responsibility as this is a MySQL server management aspect. Typically, this can be done with pretty basic commands from a knowledgeable server administrator. If done correctly and your hosting is configured correctly, there would be no issues. If you do encounter issues, you would need to work with your hosting provider to resolve those. As always, ensure they take a backup of your database prior to attempting.
  8. I have replied to the ticket with your new email address but please find our reply to your issues below: The table below has crashed and will need to be repaired by your hosting provider or server administrator. Please contact them for further assistance. Please note that a table crash is always due to a server issue and not a software issue so working with your provider/administrator here is important to identify and resolve the issue. Table './lesbotro_board/core_pfields_content' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed (144)Regarding the Error myisam_sort_buffer_size is too small you will need to contact your hosting provider for assistance here. We would recommend switching to InnoDB if your server supports it (which most do these days) as not only will this help resolve the issue but InnoDB is faster than MyISAM.
  9. You're very welcome. Glad we could be of assistance.
  10. That is a new error and is now stating that the given table there does not exist so your hosting provider would need to assist you in restoring the table or restoring the whole database from a backup. I'm afraid again, this is up to your hosting provider.
  11. Excellent. Glad to hear you've resolved your issue.
  12. Sorry for any confusion, we have received each of your requests. I would advise checking your spam folder of your email or contacting your email provider if you did not receive the confirmation emails from our support email account. With that in mind, please be aware that we did respond to your tickets within an hour. Our response times for support tickets are 72 hours but as you have experienced, our responses are usually much faster than that.
  13. Do you have any custom redirects/rewrites on the server? If so, you will want to temporarily remove those to see if they are involved. Something on the server is causing the page to be redirected so you will want to remove all custom items that are not a part of our software to eliminate these.
  14. Would have them check to ensure they are working properly in your directory as if they are installed, they should be working.
  15. Excellent. Glad to hear your issue is resolved.
  16. Do you have an example URL?
  17. You would need to ask your hosting provider or server administrator as it is an apache module which needs to be enabled.
  18. I would recommend purchasing our Commerce application as it fulfills this purpose: https://invisioncommunity.com/solutions/subscriptions/
  19. Is mod_rewrite and mod_setenvif enabled on your server?
  20. I've created a ticket for you on this and have escalated it to our advanced technicians for further review. Thanks.
  21. As @Nathan Explosion (I like your new profile photo btw, Nathan, hope things are going well), if the editor is failing to load this would indicate that the plugin that was installed is causing an issue. It maybe there is a dependency missing, the plugin isn't compatible, or in some odd cases, you may be attempting to overwrite a plugin already in use. Ultimately, there should be a browser console error pointing out what is happening (or an error in general pointing to the plugin.js file).
  22. What @opentype mentioned. I generally recommend adding in a lot of the client related items if you use commerce for physical shipping or renewing purchases so that they can edit addresses, update payment info, etc...
  23. This is best handled at the server or network level. I will transfer this to the appropriate forum.
  24. Sorry about that, the guide is slightly out of date. You’ll want to go to the Support dashboard in the ACP and then click Clear System Caches on the right-hand side.
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