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  1. ah, very good, although there is no info on while loops. One liners work: {{while ($statement->fetch()) { var_dump($exactMatchQuery); } }}
  2. I was trying to look up why my while loop wasn't working in a template, so I came looking for the 'template logic' documentation page. Turns out it does not exist anymore, even though it's still linked from the 'template tags' page. Here is the URL where the 'template logic' documentation is supposed to be: link
  3. Another thing that REALLY gets me down is the inability to search in custom fields. It feels like it eliminates 50% of the point of even having custom fields. I've looked into modifying the existing search engine to include custom fields, but it seems like a really difficult task. I've also asked IPS if they plan to improve this, and they said they don't know.
  4. I've contacted support and they let me know that it's not possible to search in custom fields. They could not tell me when this problem will be addressed. So I guess we'll have to make our own Frankenstein workarounds for the time being. I can't help but feel a little disappointed.
  5. The pages application is quite nice, but the fact that custom fields are ignored by IPS search really hinders the usefulness of the application. I'm currently trying to build an improved search engine myself, but it is quite a gargantuan task for a guy like me. Are there any plans for improving the search functionality in future IPS releases?
  6. bump The search feature is still in need of great improvement, especially where searching custom databases are concerned. It does not even seem to look in custom fields, which would be very useful. It also seems that you cannot search in specific categories. If I add the field 'serial_number' to a database, and I add the value '1234qwer' to the serial_number field, there is no way to search '1234qwer' and find the record in question. I really want to build custom search widgets around the IPS functionality, but the necessary features just aren't there.
  7. Thanks! I was hoping I could use the database key set in the settings of the database, but I guess that using the ID is fine for the time being.
  8. This works in the global template: {{$databaseId = 2;}} {{$recordId = 1;}} {{$recordsClass = '\IPS\cms\Records' . $databaseId;}} {{$record = $recordsClass::load($recordId);}} {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('field_key', 'raw')|raw} oneliner: {{$value = \IPS\cms\Records2::load(1)->customFieldDisplayByKey('field_key', 'raw');}} {$value}Does anyone know if it is possible to get the database ID using the database key? Or even better, could I load the the Records class without using the database ID at all?
  9. Hey @GabrielS , could you please post the exact code you ended up using, and where you used it? It would be really helpful.
  10. I'm in the process of designing a migration script, and I'm trying to automate as much of the process as possible. At the moment the flow is: 1. Import data to IPB 3.4.7 using the converter app 2. Upgrade IPB 3.4.7 to IPB 4.0 Would it be possible automate step 2? I'm guessing I will just need to run the right script with the right input...
  11. Hey peeps I just need bounce this idea off the forum, just in case someone has tried it before: If I made a backup of all the IPB files on the server, and made a complete database backup, could I restore these to get the fully functional site back? I'm thinking of implementing this so that I can easily revert between different snapshots of IPB. Thanks
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