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    gisfreak reacted to Ueda in IPS 4 Stability   
    They just need to hire testers and experienced debuggers. I asked in a ticket to help debug IPB. Honestly, IPS makes a lot of money and can afford to pay testers, and they should be doing this. Every release has bugs, and paying one tester can really fix these problems. Obviously, the programmer of IPB does not want to test that much since they are busy coding IPB. Testers allow the developers to focus more on the product and less on the bugs and issues it causes with existing plugins and themes. One issue that I really hate about this platform is the breaking, everything breaks and 3rd party developers have to constantly fix problems due to not having backward compatibility with updates.
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    gisfreak reacted to CheersnGears in IPS 4 Stability   
    And mostly due to IPS policy.... hear me out.
    Nearly every update of 4.x breaks a multitude of sites. Updates are often quickly (sometimes as little as 48 hours) followed by an update to an update. IPS has released security updates on Fridays, and most recently on a Friday just before a 3 day weekend when IPS is closed. Anyone who works in in I.T. knows that you NEVER EVER upgrade production until you've tested it out on Dev.  Right? Here's where IPS's policy is failing not just them, but all of their customers.
    If you encounter an issue when upgrading a DEV environment, IPS will do NOTHING. They won't even LOOK at the issue. They expect you to upgrade your production environment... and if something breaks, let your site sit there broken until they get around to fixing it.  As a site operator, that is terrible terrible business practice.  From a customer service standpoint, that is terrible terrible business practice on the part of IPS.
    Here is the scenario that just went down:
    I upgraded my Dev site from 4.1.12 to After the upgrade, I can no longer create blocks. Get error EX1364 I open a ticket with IPS. They reply that because it is a DEV board, they can't help. I ask if they can give me a hint on where to look. They say no, But they've already had to escalate this same error to Tier 2 support for someone else. I offer my Dev board as another data point for investigation, but they decline and the ticket is closed. I open a Bug Report for the EX1364 error IPS says they cannot recreate the issue (It's magical how often that happens) They close the bug report because it is a development installation. I post this post. IPS management comes in here Explains they listen to customers. Repeats the policy in spite of it not being helpful to anyone on either side. Closes the thread because it is critical of their policy. Now, just to be clear.  I am not expecting IPS or support to fix my DEV site into working order. It's a Dev site and it is made to be broken.   However, if we customers are going to be forced to be beta testers for every release of the software, then IPS needs to actually work with us to resolve the issues that we report either via ticket or by bug tracker. Furthermore, IPS should not be expecting us to beta test in production.  Yippie that Andy Millne cannot reproduce the error.... I CAN, and according to Marc Stridgen apparently so can other people who are running in production.
    Instead of throwing away customer feedback, IPS should be saying something like "Well, we're not going to fix your Dev board, but we'll take a look to see if we can find the root cause.". If the root cause is some server configuration that is outside their control, then let the customer know and move on, but if the root cause is a flaw in the IPS software that should be corrected, then that is an opportunity for further improvement of the software.
    And no... buying a second license just for development is NOT an acceptable solution. I'm not buying a second license just because you don't have a QA process. Get your QA process right first before you start pushing out updates.
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    gisfreak reacted to laltroweb.it in We really need an Acp optimized for mobile!   
    In july or agoust ill go in vacancy for some week and my only device is my smartphone!
    just now i try to go in menu manager and... i can't!
    theme? i can't!
    ... In realty, acp is impossible with smartphone!
    exist responsive menu (for mobile) but most pages are inaccessible.
    please, add an alternative template/manager for mobile ?
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    gisfreak reacted to Martin A. in Member Map   
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    gisfreak got a reaction from laltroweb.it in Is invisionpower present in socialnetwork?   
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    gisfreak reacted to media in Real time comparison between 3.4.8 and 4.1.4   
    I have done a "real" time comparison on my board 3.4.8 to 4.1.4
    my current live site (3.4.8): http://www.mysite.com/forum
    Application runing under this one
    Blog  v2.6.3
    Gallery  v5.0.5
    Videos System  v3.0.3
    Quotes System  v2.0.0
    Tracker  v2.1.3
    Calendar  v3.3.4
    Sudoku  v1.5
    Notices System  v2.1.1
    Hooks running under this one
    DevFuse Copyright Removal  v1.0.0
    -RAW33- Most Viewed Topics  v1.0.0 
    (DDK33) Board Index Face  v2.0.5
    Enkidu Notices System  v2.1.1
    Gallery: Show albums in board index  v1.0.0
    Videos System (Post As Video)  v3.0.2
    Videos System (Sidebar Hook)  v3.0.2
    Status Updates  v1.0.0
    Ad Code Sidebar  v1.0.0
    Recent Blog Entries  v2.5.2
    Gallery Images  v4.0.2
    (SOS32) Advertisement on Image View  v1.0.1
    Mentions  v1.0.4
    Google Login  v1.0.1
    Gallery lightbox  v1.0.0

    my test board (4.1.4) : http://www.mysite.com/test (Using exactly same database from 3.4.8 upgrade)
    Applications running under this one
    System 4.1.4  Locked
    Forums 4.1.4  Açık   
    Blog 4.1.4  Açık   
    Gallery 4.1.4  Açık   
    Videos 3.1.7  Açık   
    Calendar 4.1.4  Açık   
    Birthday Greeter 1.4.1
    And the result is (left is 3.4.8 - right is 4.1.4)
    Let's clear something up: I had run this test 20 times and this is what I got thru 4 days testing...
    3.4.8 has tons of applications and hooks still running faster than 4.1.4 (I like 4.1.4) 4..1.4 has issues when it comes to speed...
    I am using this website to test: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/

    As you see they are on the same server
    http://www.mysite.com/3.4.8 Your website faster than 61%
    http://www.mysite.com/4.1.4 Your website faster than 56%
    They are using same server, same database, same php, same, same, same
    And server info:
    Total processors: 16 - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 0 @ 2.00GHz
    32 MB Ram
    512 SSD and so on...
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    gisfreak reacted to ipsrocks in Idea for Marketplace   
    I like the idea. I hope it's ok that i borrowed it and just added it as new widget to the next version of https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7705-additional-widgets-and-dashboard-blocks/
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    gisfreak reacted to ipsrocks in Idea for Marketplace   
    I miss this too, so i had to create it myself https://community.invisionpower.com/contributors/files/7666-bookmarks/
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