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Downloads posted by shahed

  1. $5.00

    PDF Viewer

    PDF Viewer is a special "CK Editor" button, created for Invision community platform. with this editor button you can display "PDF files" through links in your posts or any other places that works with CKEditor throughout your community.
    Installation: In ACP go to Customization > Editor > Toolbars and click on Add Button > Upload "pdfview.zip" and Save
    Important Note: Usage of this plugin require to grant "post HTML" permission to user groups.

    14 purchases   18 downloads

       (3 reviews)


  2. Free

    Rahina Topic Stats

    Rahina Topic Stats is a simple plugin to add some new stats in Topics/Question Topics pages. these stats style is based on Rahina theme.
    New look for topic description area Add number of views Add number of replies, answers Language string for tooltip phrases, so can be translatable in multi language communities


       (1 review)


  3. $10.00

    InfoBox Buttons

    With 8 New Buttons to Your IPS Editor, You can Create Aligned Boxes, Max width Boxes, Table info Lines, Quote Block, Review Block, The good and The bad Block and Background image for your posts. Use them separately, combine them and Create new variety of paragraph formatting.
    Some Sample of usage:
    Create Infoboxes Like Wikipedia

    Image Boxes:

    Table Row Information:

    Full Width Box:

    Background Image:


    Review Score:

    The Good and The Bad:

    And Whole Styles Support Responsive Features !



    48 purchases   137 downloads

       (4 reviews)


  4. $6.00

    Enhanced Forum Index

    With this plugin, you can change your Forum Index Page in this areas, to make your Index simplify and more stylish:
    Background color for Parent Category (Based Category setting > Feature color ) Put all of your sub forums into popup menu Forums description in tooltip menu Add Bunch of color and background color settings Add new Color options for Pinned/Locked/Featured contents ( > Special Thanks for @BankFodder for Idea and support) Live Demo

    8 purchases   18 downloads

       (1 review)


  5. $5.00

    Rahina User Info Panel

    This plugin, changes "User Info Panel" section in posts (normal topics or questions) into the user info panel in "Rahina Theme" style, with some new settings. Demo (normal topic/question topic)
    Jquery effect for toggle the information. Always Organize and Condensed "User Info Panel" section. Expand/Collapse for extra information like number of likes, posts, profile fields and ... Online Indicator icon for post author "Topic Starter" Indicator Plugin Settings: Activate/Deactivate "Online Indicator" icon Activate/Deactivate "Topic Starter" icon Color Options Round/square profile images option

    3 purchases   5 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  6. $6.00

    Horizontal Author Panel

    With this plugin, you can change your Forum topic's Author Panel from original vertical style  into Horizontal Author Panel. It's also come with an option to show member cover photos.
    Live Demo

    5 purchases   9 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  7. $10.00

    Enhanced Similar Contents

    With this plugin, your current style of "Similar Content Widget" (In stage of use both horizontal or vertical) will be change throughout entire website.
    Live Demo

    2 purchases   5 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  8. $6.00

    Comparison Images

    Comparison Images Is a Special CKEditor Button for IPS Community, It's going to be an Editor button, so can be used in every places in community that uses Editors.
    Live Demo

    4 purchases   11 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  9. $10.00

    Next/Prev Contents

    This plugin will add two button in your community pages for Next Content (different from Next Unread Content) and Previous Content (If there is a next or previous content). buttons will stick in the sides of the page and have animation effect if hover to show more detail for next or previous items. like item's name and item's image.
    Note: Next Item and Previous Item is based on how IPS consider an Item is being updated in databases.
    Supported apps:
    Forum's topics | Demo Download's files | Demo Calendar's events | Demo Page's records (Require additional template works, so sent me PM for assistant) | Demo

    2 purchases   3 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  10. $10.00

    Enhanced Grid Forums

    Enhanced Grid Forums is a plugin, mainly created to make a new look for forum's grid view option. this look are inspired from NeoGAF. Plugin also have some option for your Forums "Topic Listing" pages to display topics in Grid view (based on Legend news / Legend Reviews and Legend Profiles)
    Plugin Options:
    Forums - Demo Activate new Grid view look (requires first to choose "grid view" option for Default forum view) Option for grids background color Option for grids texts color Option for grids hover color Topic Listing - Demo Activate new Grid view look Number of grids per line Default background image for topics without image attachments Default size for grid images Option for grids background color Option for grids texts color Option for grids hover color

    13 purchases   23 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  11. $8.00

    Enhanced User Hover Card

    Enhanced User Hover Card is a plugin, with some new additions and settings for "User Hover Card", that keep IPS wonderful Hover card feature but it also enhance your experience when using it.
    Live Demo (Hover in User profiles image and names)
    Add follow the user button to user hover card Add contents of "About me" profile field to user hover card Add User's joined clubs to to user hover card Plugin settings for Activate/Deactivate Plugin settings for repositioning Plugin settings for colors and background color of User hover card

    4 purchases   7 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  12. $15.00

    Rahina Midnight Blue

    Rahina Midnight Blue Is a Dark theme, With Night Sky/Midnight Blue colors combination designed for Invision community Site 4. This theme have some special feature for better engagement, such as Scroll-based Header section as "Leveled-Animation", special design for Topics and Posts section, footer and more.
    You can see the Light Version here, and Live Demo of this theme at ipsverse.com
    Some of Rahina Midnight Blue theme Features:

    Full-Width Header and navigation with a lot of space Scroll-base Header with leveled-animation. Header will resize based on how user scroll a page Option for uploading an Image background for entire header  

    Drop down navigation with a nice animation efect  

    Nice "Ripple" animation when you interact with community buttons and navigation links  

    New Stats section for Topics New Back to base forum button, that also uses forum's designated color  

    New design for Posts in topic area, with this features:
    Online Indicator icon for post author Special icon for "Topic Starter" Always Organize and Condensed "User Info Panel" section with a brand new "Toggle button". Expand/Collapse for extra information like number of likes, posts, profile fields and ...  

    Special Footer Section with exclusive settings in Theme's edit page. Social Icons integrated with IPS Default Social profile settings.  
    Purchase this theme before price up, and you can also ask for discount against purchase of one of the "Pages Legend" Templates (Blocks, News, Reviews and Profiles). Live Demo  

    Rahina Light

    Rahina User Info Panel

    0 purchases   1 download

       (0 reviews)


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