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  1. I've been using Mike's plug-ins for quite a few years now, and he is the consummate professional and provides top-notch support. Any help request, update request, etc. has always been responded to (and implemented) in a very timely manner. You can't ask for better support.
  2. Is there a way to get an RSS feed of just the latest blog posts? Haven't been able to figure this one out since the v4 upgrade. Thanks!
  3. In IPS 3.x I was able to incorporate LaTeX Rendering use BBCODE as follows: Is there a parallel method to do something similar in 4.x? Not sure where to begin with this one. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Just upgraded to 4.0.8 and I'm hoping someone can assist me in making my "Blogs" page look a bit prettier. The background -- as a physics teacher, I have many students who keep a blog as a running record of their thoughts and applications of principles from the classroom to real-world situations. This leads to hundreds of individual blogs on my site. With the new 4.0.8 blog screen, though, things look pretty ugly with all the stats to the left of the blogs (http://aplusphysics.com/community/index.php?/blogs/) Any experts out there who can provide some hints / tips into cleaning that up? I'm really not sure how to adjust the "look" of items like the Blogs page in the new IPB 4.x world. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  5. So just to clarify, we can have RSS exports on individual forums or individual blogs, but we no longer have a master forum RSS export or master blog export? Thanks!
  6. Also looking forward to seeing this in 4.x. Thanks!
  7. This is probably a dumb question, but I'll ask it anyway... I purchased a skin for my IPS Community that covers IP.Blogs, IP.Nexus, the works. Will IP.Links look OK when I install it (i.e. will IP.Links match the rest of my site), or will I have to go back to the gentleman who created my skin and ask for an addition? Thanks!
  8. I thought I was missing something as I was trying to find a way to have images show up full size in blog posts, forum posts, etc. So it sounds like that's not available in IPS... all pictures are inserted as thumbnails, your only option is to adjust the size of the thumbnails for all users?
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