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  1. ​I guess not . Thanks for the help. *makes a note to contact hosting after new years*
  2. ​My /admin/index.php straight from the extracted zip is showing this: <?php /** * @brief Public bootstrap * @author <a href='http://www.invisionpower.com'>Invision Power Services, Inc.</a> * @copyright (c) 2001 - SVN_YYYY Invision Power Services, Inc. * @license http://www.invisionpower.com/legal/standards/ * @package IPS Social Suite * @since 18 Feb 2013 * @version SVN_VERSION_NUMBER */ $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] = __FILE__; require_once 'init.php'; \IPS\Dispatcher\Front::i()->run();
  3. Yes it is live but it's a small community and the members talked and we want to check it out. Downtime and bugs is expected. I actually just upgraded to 3.4.7 and still getting the same issue. /forums/admin/install or /forums/admin/upgrade are just blank. error_log is showing: [25-Dec-2014 12:40:11] PHP Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /--path_removed--/forums/admin/index.php on line 13 [25-Dec-2014 12:40:11] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /--path_removed--/forums/admin/index.php on line 13 [25-Dec-2014 12:45:40] PHP Warning: Unexpect
  4. I've deleted the old files and folders (as discussed here) and I've uploaded the 4.0.0.b4 files, set permissions but /forums/admin/install or /forums/admin/upgrade are just coming up completely blank. Now I'm wondering if I needed to be on 3.4.7 before trying this beta. Any ideas? ....or anyone do an upgrade like that? I'm going to try upgrading to 3.4.7 first now and maybe try again but I'm still curious about an answer to this....
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