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  1. I actually 100% agree with you. That is why I offered a suggestion in the first post of this topic about a possible solution. My thought was to get BBCode entirely out of the ckeditor implementation and instead create a generic BBCode editor that is 100% standalone. A user when making a post can decide to post in BBCode or WYSIWYG. Once that choice is made and the content posted, they are forever locked into that mode for that particular post. Something like isBBCODE = 1 in the posts table could lock that editor choice in. Will there be upfront development cost for this? Yes, but it would be a one time cost as whatever solution you make could easily be generated from previous versions before ckeditor that worked well. Furthermore, once this solution is created it never has to be touched again. I am sure there will be other issues that I am not seeing, but I still think once its resolved, its done. No more development cost needed. I personally think this solution would work better than trying to squeeze bbcode into an implementation that just does not work. Advantages: You retain clients who require bbcode to work. You potentially gain new clients from other platforms if BBCode is removed. Visitors get to create content in the medium that works best for them. One-time development cost. Once its done, you should not need to work on it again. CKEditor can go back to what is designed for; wywiwyg editing. Disadvantages: Up front development cost Slightly more code complexity
  2. People need to research the history of this topic before making comments. For those who are defending IPS, you are missing the point. This is not an issue of a feature being deprecated, because that is company's right to do, but the fact that those who rely on BBCode were being told that it would continue to be fully supported in 4.0 and suddenly we are told that it is not. Software vendors need to alert their customers when major changes are occurring so that those customers can determine how they are going to continue with the product in the future. Now that 3.4.x is almost at end of life, we are now suddenly being told that what we need from the software will no longer be supported? That is not right and just makes us have to scramble to find an alternative. Furthermore, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about how important BBCode is or not. What requirements one site has for a forum software may not be the same as yours and you should respect that instead of blindly defending a product like a fanboy. This has been a discussion since 2013 and IPS staff have made very different comments then what Lindy had said. See here: And here: And here:
  3. That is the biggest issue here. BBCode is cross-platform, so someone could create a post using bbcode that would work across multiple different platforms. This will no longer be possible. There were ways around this, but its not something that IPS wished to pursue, which is of course their choice. I and others will probably have to find a new solution for our forums unfortunately. Just wish people had been up front when I asked this last year.
  4. Personally, I do not see it as justified, but we can agree to disagree on that. Finally an honest answer to this question. I wish it was given back in July when I first asked whether IPS was going to continue to support it. Then I, and others, could have decided a long time ago what I would do. Unfortunately, it is not up to me whether we can become less bbcode dependent but rather on my helpers. Will have to see now what works best for us. Thanks
  5. Well, let's see if they fix it first Their first response was they didn't support bbcode anymore. This is the frustrating part. I get different answers from different employees.
  6. Your not using the code from the tracker issue. Use the code from the tracker issue and it will not be shown right. I have already spoken to support and they are escalating it as they are seeing the same issue and it being not resolved even though the ticket is closed. As already stated if you read the first post, bbcode is a requirement for sites like mine. The editor buttons do not help.
  7. I do appreciate what you are saying, but if you read through the initial post you will see that certain sites rely on premade bbcode canned speeches, which unfortunately wouldn't work this way. My biggest issue at this point is trying to determine whether or not IPS is going to support bbcode as promised or just continue to string us along with empty promises. Knowing their direction would allow me to determine if IPS is a product I wish to stay with.
  8. Really? Why are there two different bullet types? Why does it say 6,7,8,9,10? Did you post the code exactly as shown in the code box? Because I get completely different results than you. If so, then its even a bigger problem.
  9. Any idea why this bug tracker issue was closed without being fixed? This is the type of concerns we are talking about. BBcode not being taken seriously and not being fixed.
  10. Does this mod allow you to use 2-factor for only certain member groups? For example, this would be great for securing staff accounts but may be too much of a support hassle for regular accounts.
  11. We are just going to have to agree to disagree on this. Hooks are great and we use them extensively when we can, but there are some things that hooks cant fix and require code edit in order to extend or fix the functionality of components of IPB. As I have already said, you could release a stand alone patch that includes the PHP files and the template updates that a owner needs to manually add. As you have said, you have obviously chosen not to do that, so there is not much to discuss on this subject anymore. There still have not been any responses as to why people must be subscribed to your blog to even know about new security updates. There really should be emails to your paid customers so that everyone is notified.
  12. No upgrade is a 5-10 minute thing when you have a modded IPB and many hooks. I can't speak for your other customers, but for me, I test every upgrade for compatibility with my hooks and modifications before I push it live to production. IPB's upgrade has broken/reset things in the past for me to just "trust" that everything is going to go smoothly. So, no, this is not just a 5-10 minute process but actually a fairly long one. That is why a patch or even manual instructions would be better than this ..well.. nothing. If IPS' direction is to cater to only right-off-the-shelf light users and not the developers who picked IPS for the easy ability to customize it to their needs, then please let us know. So give us the edit. I will do it myself. I just think its important to cater to ALL of your customers..not just those who can simply run and upgrade and forget about it. Well it's not giving notice to those on 3.4.x and since its not EOS, it should be doing so. I would love to go to 4.x. Unfortunately, the editor in its current state does not work well with my community.
  13. I am confused. I do not see anything that would be accomplished in a upgrade routine that could not also be issued as a separate patch. For many businesses, especially during the holidays when there is reduced staff, upgrading the forums to a completely new version can be a time consuming task. By not releasing a separate patch, like you have always done in the past, you are simply putting your customers at risk when they are the least staffed. This is not the type of attention to security that I have come to expect from IPS. Furthermore, you need to do a better job issuing security notices. If I didn't happen to stumble on this blog I would never have known one was released as it is not telling me in the ACP and we have not received notifications. You really need to send out email notices to all paid customers alerting them to security notices. This was requested in the past and it continues to not happen.
  14. Can you give us an ETA as to when the additional security updates will be released as a separate patch for those who cannot immediately upgrade to 3.4.9? Thanks
  15. No, I have not heard about the performance issues. Have any more info on this or links to topics? Thanks
  16. Can someone from IPS management please let us know if the following will be added back to IPS 4.0? There are features of IPS 4.0 that are required by my community and if you do not plan on supporting these features like you did in the past, then I will consider other options before I make a painful upgrade. I need full transparency and honesty please. 1. Preview will be put back in 2. We will be able to edit BBCode in a previously posted post. Personally, I can't even fathom why preview was removed. Every other forum software has it. Even ask a question sites like Stackoverflow provide a preview. What was the logic behind this?
  17. I tried replying. It was closed. Wouldn't let me. I must have missed something. Regardless, as I said, my concern wasn't that it was closed, but rather the response I received when I further queried Brandon via private message. To me that response showed that resolving issues with bbcode is not a priority. Hoping to be proven wrong.
  18. Yes, because of this topic. Otherwise, it would not have been reopened and is just another example of how IPS is not supporting BBCoding even when we were promised they would.
  19. That's the problem though. I had posted a nested list BBCode bug in May. bfarber closed it as if there was no problem. When I pmed him directly I was told that they "discussed this internally and decided not to invest time to "fix" this issue now. You can use the list button on the editor to insert properly formatted lists without any issues." It wasn't until I posted this topic that the bug was reopened and stated it was actually an issue. So I disagree...no matter what IPS states, I honestly do not think they plan on supporting BBCode unless people who need it complain. What I am asking for is full transparency, because if they are not planning on supporting it, I wont bother upgrading and will find another vendor. I do understand that you are trying to help, but unfortunately what we are saying is that your suggestions just will not work for us. We are not talking about 10-20 bbcode formatted posts. We are talking about hundreds if not thousands when its all said and done. Then when you get into how WYSIWYG editors vary from forum to forum... well that's just another problem.
  20. Ahh..thank you for clarifying. I do understand that we can convert the canned posts to html and then copy as needed into the WYSIWYG editor. The biggest problem is portability. With the way support communities work, many times helpers at one site float between many others. So they need a set of canned support posts that will be formatted and display the same on all these different sites with different forum software. The only similarity between the sites is they all support BBCode. Unfortunately copy and pasting between different forums software and their WYSIWYG editors can lead to formatting issues. As an example, I posted your reply to me from this site into this post as seen below. Notice the misformatted quote title. If this was in BBCode, there would be absolutely no issue with this (unless BBCode was broken). Copied post below. --------------------------------------------- Posted 1 hour ago · Report post [b]This is an old BBCode Template that you are talking about[/b] Copying and pasting issues, I personally had the problem a lot in 3.0 so I opted to change to Rich Text Codes instead. You can Copy and paste the code or copy and paste the Quote. Both will do the same thing. The only difference is the way it displays to the end user that is copying it. They don't have to change WHAT they copy. It's just a matter of changing how they think of it. I don't know about you but I can always copy a template as long as they are available, if you give them the correct template (without the code) it's the same thing as giving them the same template WITH the code.
  21. Maybe a little sarcasm and a small jibe, but definitely not exaggerations or an attack. These are simply the facts when it comes to sites like mine. Just because something may not be important for your site, does not mean it is not for others.
  22. Ralf based on what you have posted you do not understand our communities, why we need BBCode, and why BBCode is so important to us. BBCode is not only important because it allows the same, if not more fine tuned, formatting as the IPS WYSIWYG editor, but more importantly because it's portable. A canned speech created for the WYSIWYG editor here on IPB may simply not be compatible at another forum where our users help at as well. BBCode is important because it allows any canned speech to be portable between any other type of forum, almost all of which still support BBCode. As stated by someone else, what you are telling us is to go straight to all our forum volunteers and tell them, that from now on, instead of using the same canned speeches that they use in all the XenForo, SMF, vBulletin and phpBB communities they participate in, they now have to duplicate all their efforts and maintain a special set of canned speeches just for us, because InvisionPower continues to break BBCode. When they ask why, I can tell them, because that is how the web works and if they disagree they are just stuck in the past and they probably wish Flash banners would come back. It's going to be great. Just watch!
  23. As a client of InvisionPower, I need to know the status of BBCODE in 4.0 and in future releases and how you plan on resolving existing BBCODE issues. As I stated in a post in 2013, support forums like BleepingComputer, Emsisoft, Malwarebytes, GeeksToGo and many others rely on the use of BBCode to properly support our users through prewritten canned speeches. I was told by Matt that support would not be abandoned. Based on comments from IPS devs and what we see in the current release, I personally think IPS is going back on this promise. With the release of IPS 4.0, you have once again introduced many many bugs in the BBCode implementation. These bugs effectively break the formatting in our prewritten support scripts and make it impossible for us to upgrade to 4.0. BBCODE for lists are essentially broken with normal code not formatting correctly and basically no support for nested lists. I have posted bug reports like this one, but am not sure I should even waste my time posting more. Especially when I am being told that the broken implementation is acceptable and that the devs have "decided not to invest time to "fix" this issue now". We are not asking for much. All we want is our BBCode to work. If it's easier, give us a setting to enable bbcode or wysiwyg editor and keep them separate. Any posts created in the bbcode editor can not be edited in the future by the wysiwyg editor. This would prevent code conflicts. Even if that does not work, I am sure that there is a solution that once created could easily be ported to future versions of IPS. So my question to the IPS management and it's devs, who I have sent PMs to notify of this topic, is whether or not BBCode is going to be fixed and supported in 4.0 and in future versions. We need full transparency and not some empty promise to hold us over. Your answers will decide whether my site, and others that I have spoken to, will continue using your product on our sites and future ones.
  24. And still no comment from IPS about how they are going to fix their security notification system.
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