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  1. Looks fantastic. My only concern is the $178 for one striped polo shirt!
  2. What!!! Brandon looks like he is in his mid 20's. What on earth were you doing in your youth?
  3. Alternatively don't use wordpress/learndash and SSO, and simply buy IPS and maybe the commerce app (if you are selling courses) plus this:
  4. I agree, It's all becoming a bit familiar. I guess he has been absorbed by the glittering desire of Hollywood (Tom Hanks). I wish he would write more novels like Deception Point and Digital Fortress, and escape from his present pattern. Either way I know I'll always be drawn in and read his books, like the sucker I am ?
  5. I'm also into Jack Reacher, but particularly fond of Dan Brown. I don't get as much time to read these days, except when going to bed. I still prefer paper back, especially when you doze off. Better than a kindle wacking you is the nose! (can't bring myself to the modern age, part of a dying breed I guess), Though my all time favourite is Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl. I read it when I was 12, and loved it. Now reading it with my 8 year old Son.
  6. Cav3y

    New: Clubs

    I don't presently have access to the software or 4.2 beta. However even with a spam prevention service, spammers can occasionally get through. I'm a little concerned they could subsequently mass create clubs. I'm sure that when you delete/ban a spammer, you can delete all their content. If so, will it also delete any clubs they have created?
  7. Hi, This is more a feature request (unless I'm being stupid and cannot figure it out). It would be great if you could prefix store item prices with the dollar, euro, pound symbol rather than have the three letters after the price. This is standard on all websites I purchase from. Sorry for posting here, but I'm trying out the demo, and don't have access to create a topic in the product feedback. I've checked the marketplace without success. Screenshot below. Thanks.
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm new to IPS 4.x and have presently got access to a demo (thanks IPS). I'm still a little bewildered by Pages and databases, but understand the concept of what could be achieved. I'm trying to achieve a particular scenario, but hitting a brick wall, and was wondering if the wonderful people here could explain how it could be achieved. Once I've done this, I believe all the jigsaw pieces will fall into place for me. I'll give you a fake scenario... Say I'm setting up a walking community in the US. I want a page which has a drop down selector of all the states of the US. Once a person selects the state there are interested in, it displays (below) all the various walks (records) the community members have created for that state. Probably a wysiwyg editor to explain the walk, with an upload option for images/maps of the walk. Also on this page, you have the option to Create a walk, and during the record creation, you have to select the state (from a drop down) that you want the walk to be filtered in. I'm sure for you experts this is easy, but I'm getting muddled up between Pages, pages, databases, record, categories, and potentially relational databases, which may have to use blocks to achieve this. Please help, so I can try it out on the demo I have access to for the next 5 days. Regards, Cav3y
  9. IPS Management is this now possible? Forgive me, as I haven't tested in recent months.
  10. Hi, I don't know if this is possible, but I noticed this in 3.x and also in 4 (especially where devs upload images of plugins in the download section), that when uploading multiple images, you/they don't have any method to alter the sequence the images display. This is particularly frustrating when you are trying to provide a methodical visual storyboard of images for a addon/plugin, etc. Is it possible to add a feature that offers a preview and alteration methods before publishing? Forgive me if you can do this, but I've always struggled with this.
  11. Hi IPS Management, These pre-sales questions may well be difficult for you to answer depending where you are on your road map. So I appreciate in advance if you can't provide specifics, but I would like your honest advice. I used to have client access but passed it over to someone else. Anyway, I'm interested to start up another venture with your suite of products. Can you provide any indication as to when V4 will be released and the subsequent pricing? I'm looking at self hosted without having the potential issues of db conversions from V3.x to V4. Reasons for asking these questions: If I buy now will I get a better price for the products than when V4 is released to new customers?If I buy now because the above bullet point is correct, when will V4 be available/ Will I potentially be wasting 6 months support, when it will benefit me more on V4?I look forward to your thoughts.
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