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    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Great! I tried it on two computers now and it confirms with chrome and edge. If I put it to 1080 or less scaling it renders fine. Strange issue.
  2. Aleksander Lyse

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Strange I use Google Chrome Version 64.0.3282.140 (Official Build) (64-bit) I found what it is. Windows scaling. I have a 4k display on 225% scaling. That makes it look like that.
  3. Aleksander Lyse

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Strange. I tried with no plugins and no apps and still an issue. would you be so kind and check saltvannsforum.no and see if you can see anything obvious?
  4. Aleksander Lyse

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    No. Everything is original, and in the settings on your theme the default theme is selected on the editor settings.
  5. Aleksander Lyse

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    When trying to activate the toolbar, the colors are not correct. Everything is default and latest version. Any idea why its not showing correctly?
  6. Is it possible to get more facebook / social integration as vbulletin has? I would love to see things like: 1. Integration of forum posts in facebook page/group wall 2. Facebook group as member permission / group (lots of people have dedicated groups on facebook I would love to transfer to the forum) 3. Integration of trending posts for likes and such based of facebook stats 4. Over all more two way communication to facebook. The reason is most of us got quite large communities already on facebook and we have to connect the forums more deeply into the trend. Thats why I cant understand the main focus on development should not be this kind of integration with the one goal to actually use facebook as an advertising stage for bringing group / page members on FB to the forum.