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  1. best solution the to delete that and install it form admin panel sorry for all these questions where can i find the specific directory and delete it?
  2. hello thanks for the link so for skin set i upload the xml which i did and used the tick box for upgrade.. but when i go to image set and upload that selecting the original skin that i used..it says "image set" directory already exists..and it failed..what am i doing wrong?
  3. hello just upgraded my ip board forum how do we upgrade yourskin? do we have to make a new skin or can we upgrade to the existing one? on your documentation you only mention installing the skin not upgrading does this mean that i have to delete the previous version and install the new?
  4. hello all plugin works great just wanted to know if a specific topic that is on the sidebar block can be pinned and stay there for a certain mount of time many thanks to all!
  5. will this skin be up to date for IP Board 4.0?
  6. hello there interested to get this wondering if this system supports points like if i wanted users to participate they have to tweet like on facebook and subscribe is there any option for that?
  7. hello Tom if possible can you help me on how to change the Online offline symbol of poster in pics? would like to use an image instead of the default is this possible?
  8. can you post the url again? we had spoken in the past and i had given you access to my forum but we didn't make it to work that period of time :(
  9. same here...i installed the plugin and in "manage icons" i can see the icons but not on my board index :(
  10. created a new group..set it to Manual Defualt...but when i go to the specific forum and open a thread and press the Fcontent still the groups box is empty :sad:EDIT:just fixed this..it was a problem with the permissions..works good now :D
  11. this is the option i get when creating the groups right?can i use the option MANUAL and still specify the forums for the news?or no?
  12. cheers!works great thank you very much! also, in some cases there is on the top right side the button "Fcontent" when i press it i a presented with a menu to choose groups..but the groups is empty so there is nothing to save...am i doing somethig worng??
  13. onlyMe a question when i want to include a slideshow to a specific page you mention i add the thread with the asterisk sign in front of it my main page is the fortal and index page is the forums how can i display the slideshow on my main page?
  14. Tom i posted an image earlier on regarding the very bottom on the left hand side of teskin regarding the rss and the chag of theme whenever i press on either all appear to be on the background not letting the users see the options available can you please help me on this? thanks
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