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  1. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Darth Vortex in SuperVote   
    Cool stuff. With a little tweak it works fine on display templates too 
  2. Thanks
    opentype reacted to JustinHawk in Pages SuperDirectory   
    Been using it from quite long, very nice design and good support from developer. 
  3. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Claudia999 in Enhanced Similar Content Widget   
    Works as described and looks 100x better than the original similar content block. Thanks!
  4. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Yannick Lamarre in Apple Music Song Embedding   
    Works perfectly. Very nice work!
  5. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Noble~ in Pages SuperReviews   
    I have had this one for over a year now with no issues, its a must for any community.@opentype does a wonderful job on all of his apps, customer support is #1👍
  6. Thanks
    opentype reacted to breatheheavy in Add Items to Mobile Navbar   
    Love it! Adds a few extra icons to the mobile nav bar that makes it that much easier for users to navigate to important parts of my forum. Thanks @opentype
  7. Confused
    opentype reacted to Ken19 in Classifieds System   
    If a person is responding to an advert via Email, the seller will receive an Email from the boards Email address and not responder. This goes against convention of just replying to an mail that you get as you have to copy the responders Email address from the body of the message and create a new Email to reply to queries. It also creates a situation where the board owner gets messages from listing owners that just replies to Email queries. Developer is not responsive at all, I would give it 0 stars if I could.
  8. Thanks
    opentype reacted to iamART in Pages SuperGrid   
    Amazing app that will change your community for the better depending on your use for this. For us we wanted something to make articles look more like WordPress which does so perfectly. The design is great and very easy to install and go.
    In the future I'd like to see even more layout options. A must have for any community admin who writes editorials.
  9. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Noble~ in Sticky Contact Us Button   
    Great plugin nice job.
  10. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Fierce God in Pages SuperBlocks   
    Best choice we made to enhance our Homepage
    we have a bunch of @opentype apps/plugins on our board
    Nice way to trick out a Gaming Community with all the different files he has
    Thanks for this and the many others
  11. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Ramsesx in Enhanced Forum Views   
    The Enhanced Forum Views Plugin is a very nice way to give your forum listing a special unique and beautiful new look. The installation is very easy and you can choose the avatars showing in 3 different sizes (mini, small, medium). Full satisfaction guaranteed. Thanks.
  12. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Brian Klein in Pages SuperGrid   
    This program is worth its weight in gold! I would like to start off by stating, the templates are amazing, they ad elegance and style to the pages section (a section I almost gave up on, that was until now).  The author is attentive and responsive, The whole thing all around is just amazing, if you haven't purchased it yet, you are missing out on a little gold nugget here. As of writing this, it is even lower in price than before; what more can be said.
    Recommendation: Would suggest when selling to the public that there is no demands on how we 'use' your product 'we' purchased.
    All in All: 4/5 stars! Great product! Mr. Opentype, you have earned this consumer's medal of gold standard, you are both professional and polite with your work, even the small stuff. I appreciate you taking the time to show me step by step, and actually coming over to help me when I need it. Again as a consumer, we are in large, not programmers, so it is nice to be walked through the process! Your work is GREAT! The reason for 4 out of 5 is the statements when purchasing the product, but this is more a personal preference of mine over anything else to be honest. When marketing it is okay to request values to be held, but to dictate these ideas is a put off, with that said - to be honest the product is phenomenal. This product is worth every penny.
  13. Thanks
    opentype reacted to SJ77 in Pages SuperBlocks   
    Superb! @opentype has an incredible eye for design. Every layout combination (1-6) is a well thought out, visually pleasing design masterpiece that will add professional grade layouts to your site.  $18 is a STEAL when you think about what it would cost to have someone of Opentypes skill level design anything for you.  I really can't say enough good things about this.  My advice, if you're thinking of buying just do it. You will not regret it.
  14. Thanks
    opentype reacted to CheersnGears in Pages Images in Activity Feed   
    Another Opentype plug-in that I knew I just had to have.  It's a great idea and it works the way it should. 
  15. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Andy_M in Pages Images in Activity Feed   
    Worked perfectly and was exactly what I was after to make my Activity Feed based homepage more appealing.
  16. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Ramsesx in Pages SuperReviews   
    It was a bit tricky to set up but finally it is a very nice and well thought plugin with a lot of possibilities to create all kind of different reviews. I use it for hotel and restaurant reviews.
    There should be no limit in it's functionality if you are looking for a review system. Highly recommended.

  17. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Ptilly in Pages SuperBlocks   
    Works beautifully, especially when paired with TAMAN's A different article styles for the articles themselves!
  18. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Loren in Pages SuperReviews   
    WOW! Another great layout and solution - this time for Reviews.
  19. Like
    opentype reacted to Ramsesx in Pages SuperBlocks   
    Now after having some content in different parts of my forum (different database pages, forum topics) I had the time to try out this plugin.
    As strongly expected, this is another great masterpiece of the style artist @opentype 
    It looks and feels very nice and gives you the opportunity to create a ( or thousands) sweet looking page based upon your content in just a few minutes. Thank you. ?
  20. Thanks
    opentype reacted to DSystem in OG Image for Forum Topics   
    Perfect ?
  21. Thanks
    opentype reacted to JohnCourt in OG Image for Forum Topics   
    Ok, I have been using this plugin for over week now, and I am completely thrilled with it, why this is not a core app I have no idea, but this works great, copy past link to FB, and the first image of the topic displays in a nice lightbox with intro text to the topic. I have been wanting this for years from IP, and now it's here, thanks so much @opentype! 7 dollars? The best 7 bucks I have spend in a long time.
    I have also began using MeWe, a FB alternative, and this plugin works flawlessly with it as well.
    No more share logo, a real life excerpt from the content is displayed with an image if available within the content, great job!
  22. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Prank in OG Image for Forum Topics   
    Absolutely perfect! My images on Facebook are now actually good and relevant. Should be part of the core app.
  23. Thanks
    opentype reacted to liquidfractal in Pages Images in Activity Feed   
    Another elegant and dependable template by opentype.  Crystal clear install instructions every time, and they actually help me understand a bit about how the templates work.  In fact, I often buy his templates by just glancing at the description to see what their functions are.  Why?  Because I know when I buy his templates they work, and they work well.  If they don't, it's basically because I forgot to configure something.
    My only minor gripe is with upgrades; when you're an opentype template fan you can sometimes spend a fair bit of time deleting templates and uploading plugins and then uploading template packages again (it took me a little while to clue in to the fact that you can delete an entire package by just clicking the Settings wheel lol)...but that's just what has to be done, and the end result on one's site is well worth the effort.  They give the IPB suite that visual elegance the core install simply lacks.  Always recommended!
  24. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Loren in Pages Images in Activity Feed   
    Another great add-on for Pages from opentype.
  25. Thanks
    opentype reacted to Ramsesx in Pages Images in Activity Feed   
    Another very great addition to my community. Love it, you're simply the best regarding pages and all the little helpers making it a great and powerful app. It works without any error. Thanks.
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