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    I have been extremely pleased with the level of service and expertise provided by opentype.  He is a pleasure to work with and has good working knowledge of the many IPB software and features.  Not being a technical person by nature,  he has been a good partner in helping me to implement my vision as well as make some outstanding suggestions which have proven very beneficial.  This has included assistance in all facets of the latest version of software and apps as well as creative and advertising.   He knows how to best maximize the tools IPB puts at our disposal and he does it at a very reasonable cost.  I am grateful for his help and would highly recommend him.  
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    opentype reacted to Fierce God in opentype   
    This Man right here is THE mastermind of Pages! He is dedicated to his customers and the determination to see a job through till the end is A-1!!!
    I recommend ANYONE to come to him for Custom work on Pages and anything else he offers as custom work
    He is relentless on making sure that any obstacle that stands in his way are beaten and taken care of.
    We here at FGN are forever grateful and many thanks to this awesome Dev/Author  
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