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  1. Please be more specific. What does “doesn’t work” mean exactly?
  2. In will be like this in the next update. Feel free to apply that already:
  3. A block template is included, but it is only meant for the sidebar. The full grid view only comes with the database templates.
  4. It checks for the existence of the Twitter handle AND the existence of a Record Image. If both are valid, the meta tags should be generated for the specific article page.
  5. There is additional padding for these 3 statements: #elCmsPageWrap article.ipsContained #elCmsPageWrap .ipsClearfix section.ipsType_normal … which adds up in this way. There isn’t much more help I can offer but to tell you that. It’s the styling of your theme, as expected.
  6. I need to see this on a live site to see where the space is coming from. Its probably from your theme, not from my template.
  7. Yes, I will probably make that a default in the next update.
  8. Sounds like a case for customization for a specific site. Since there is no “category image field” or anything like that which I could call from the template, it’s not something I can support in a “general use template”.
  9. @Himadri Goswami By the way: please also make the CSS change described here. Your library section is affected by this problem.
  10. Not at the moment. I might add that in the future if people really need that.
  11. Not sure what you mean by “custom blogs”. I see a feature badge on the article front page and in the People listing view. So the badge seems to work as expected. The templates are unrelated to specific editor content or custom fields. If you put videos in your articles or add custom database fields to your database, that will work just as with the stock record view template.
  12. Okay, I just tested it locally. This is what it would look like: If anyone needs this sub category view on listing templates quickly, feel free to send me temporary admin data and I install this template change on your site so you can use it and I can test it on a live site.
  13. If you don’t use my templates for record display, then article sharing problems on social media can’t have anything to do with my templates. I am happy to check it out nevertheless, but you need to give me a public link. Those pixelated images tell me nothing. I see. Yeah, that comes from my CSS. Go to your custom CSS and find: .cCmsRecord_image { float:right; margin:8px 0 30px 30px; } Change it to: .SG_record_right .cCmsRecord_image { float:right; margin:8px 0 30px 30px; } Thanks for reporting. I will include that change in the next upgrade.
  14. Understood. I also answered that here recently.
  15. Absolutely! Please check the installation PDF. Accessing the settings is described there.
  16. Pages → [Your Database] → Fields → Permissions Make sure the users who should add/edit articles have permission to edit all the fields. It appears, once you set the “Index mode” of the database to “show records like articles” in the database settings.
  17. Regarding the boxes: The colors are all inherited from your theme. If your theme designer has made ipsAreaBackground_light transparent or identical to the background, then this is what the SuperGrid template will use as well. In order to change that you would either have to change your theme colors or give each SuperGrid box a specific background color (in the custom.css) to only affect the Pages template. .SG_card { background-color:#333; } The overflowing text is a problem of the post itself. You pasted rich-text with tons of styling in there, including a width statement which forces a width of 1007px. You should clean up the post and only paste plain text and it will be resolved. It has nothing to do with my template.
  18. Then you need to to make the style declaration more specific. Like: .SG_card a { color:#555; }
  19. Those are regular H2 headlines using the default link color of your theme. So whatever your link color in your theme is, the SuperGrid templates will use.
  20. I see. Yeah, the template is calling the default category row output at that point. I will have to do some testing to see if I can work around that without creating other problems. If it works, I will put it in the next update. It wouldn’t change much though. Basically just removing the icon and adding the Grid colors. So it’s more something for the to-do list, than for an immediate fix.
  21. Probably. I am open to suggestions. If you like the look of a certain WordPress theme and want something like that in Pages or of you have certain design problems with your Pages database … Let me know. I can check if there is a solution I can build. Make sure the sub-category itself is set to have the listing view inherited from the parent container.
  22. As I said: It get’s the database ID added. That can be 2 or 5 or any other number, depending on the number of databases you already had. Don’t worry about it. It’s a feature, not a bug. :-)
  23. Yes, that’s normal. The database ID gets added every time you import an new XML file. So the templates don’t get overridden if you install it again or the next update.
  24. There is no option like that at the moment. You are of course free to modify the HTML in the templates at your own risk.
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