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  1. killer_phantom

    (GS) Server List

    Their are a few thing you should know before purchasing this like you have to be able to open ports on your web hosting which most web host don't allow on their shared hosting, Their is all to a lot of branding all over the place like in the control panel, main server stats on your front page of your forum and it all so changes you dashboard to "(gs) server list overview" with more branding and donation buttons, yes plural . I my opinion their is a little to much branding on this application for something that we have to pay $20 for. But if you can get past all that then it works well
  2. killer_phantom

    Needed: Save Draft Button in Editor

    Yea i have to agree this would be an amazing addition to ip.board and it would help it keep up with Xenforo.
  3. killer_phantom

    Steam Profile Integration (3.4.x)

    Is their an ETA on a ip.board 4.1 version our community realy misess this plugin
  4. killer_phantom

    Steam Profile Integration (3.4.x)

    STEAM_0:0:48707494 double checked it have ran it a few times i have pretty much done every thing PCtoolbin has and still no luck
  5. killer_phantom

    Steam Profile Integration (3.4.x)

    I have upload and configured every thing according to the instructions but nothing is displaying.