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    McAtze reacted to ChrisTERiS in Movies   
    Another great addon from @Adriano Faria. You can populate a full of content Media library in some hours. Just start entering the title and with the help of auto-suggest you'll find it. Just click "Add to TV Show" and that's all (if you can't see the button, this means that you already have it!!). After that simple procedure you will have eight (8!!) pages (tabs) full of information. Incredible!! Superior!! In less that 2 hours I had already 70 TV Shows in my Library.
    As for the Support quality? Great again. But this is something that I already knew, as I've many of his modules. The only suggestion is: Please add Persons in addition to TV Shows and Movies.
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    McAtze got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Movies   
    Another great application from @Adriano Faria
    It runs like hell and during minutes you have your own movie archive on Board. Great support so far and open for suggestions.
    Thanks for your work.. 🤓 👍

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    McAtze reacted to Sonya* in Project Manager   
    I have tested the bug tracker with my beta testers. We do not like it and will use another solution.
    The main point is that the list of bugs and the bug view page look messy. In the list of bugs you see the type, the status and the assigned person as tags before the bug title. It is confusing to see so many tags at once and is difficult to get an overview. I would rather use table columns for such information. The bug view page does not follow the view of a topic or an article. The buttons for promotion and follow are on the "wrong" place. The widget on the sidebar contains another buttons, that I would expect below the bug desciption. 
    It is probably just a matter of taste, but I do like applications where list and item views are very close to the IPS standard. 
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