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  1. @Adriano Faria What I was talking about was regarding the warn system. When we warn a user, he is notified. Or is there a way to warn a user without him receiving a notification? Showing that his content is pre-moderated in the post screen is not an issue.
  2. @Adriano Faria The problem is, the user will be warned that his posts will be pre-moderated from now on. We'd like to put him under pre-moderation "silently". Any ideas?
  3. Hi, We have a troublesome user here in our community. We want all his new content to be pre-moderated, however, I can't find a way to do that, but I am pretty sure this is doable. Any pointers? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Our server runs at GMT -3, however the timezone at our board is somehow configured as GMT. See the discrepancy below. I have no clue on what is going on and how to fix this. Thanks!
  5. @Makoto It's been a while since I last checked the list of members with disposable emails in our community. Right now we have 29 pages of users with disposable emails. My suggestions: In the "Members with disposable e-mails list, add a new column: number of posts An option to bulk prune all users with disposable e-mails, ideally with an option to set the number of posts, so, for example, we can safely purge all accounts with 0 posts. This could be added either in the screen mentioned above or at the main Member > Members > [gear icon] path In the list mentioned above, the links to the users' profile is incorrect. Where it is "&do=edit" should be "&do=view". Thanks!
  6. Hi, When deleting individual users, we are able to select if we also want to delete the contents they created. However, when we use the member search feature to mass prune members, we don't have such option. For example, I wanted to delete all spammers, however, if I do that using the mass prune option, all the spam is still left in the database, assigned to "Guest: <user_name>", and I want to delete everything, including all posts and topics. I think when select to mass prune members, there should be an option for us to select if we want the users' contents to be deleted as well. Thanks.
  7. @Ryan AshbrookWorked like a charm, many thanks! 🙂
  8. Hi, We need to translate the phase solution_headline, which defaults to: %s's <a href='%s'>%s</a> in <a href='%s'>%s</a> was marked as the answer The problem is, the first %s is the user's name, and we need it to be shown after the link, and not before it, in order to the grammar in my language to be correct. There is probably a trick to change de order of the substution strings (%s). Could anyone help me? Thanks.
  9. Coming here just for a quick update and to thank the IPS team for having added the lazy loading feature suggested here in the 4.6 series.
  10. Returning here just to thank the IPS team @Jordan Invision for adding the Lazy Loading featured we suggested in the 4.6 series! 🙂
  11. @xtechSo far, I am not seeing any improvement, as the main issue, which is the LCP, is still present. As mentioned in my original post, Google made a major change in its algorithm in the beginning of december, which is really hurting us. We used to get around 140k users per day from Google, since then we are getting around 115k. This is hurting our revenue tremendously. I am still working on this, though. Every couple of days I fix something here or there. I am very persistent and I will get to the bottom of this and will eventually fix this LCP issue! 🙂 In any case, this has been a good opportunity to fix a lot of other things that could be improved anyway! 🙂
  12. @SeNioR- @Adlago @Mopar1973Man and everybody else... Today I was able to make a really nice adjustment to our install here that improved our "Best Practices" score a lot: Enjoy!
  13. Hello, I am in the process of optimizing our install with the help with Google's Lighthouse, and trying to improve our score in that tool. Today I succesfuly worked on a issue that I suggest IPS to address in an upcoming release: multiple-resolution logo images. Here is the warning that we got using lighthouse: Following the suggestions decribed here: https://web.dev/serve-responsive-images/ and here: https://web.dev/codelab-density-descriptors/, I decided to create three logo images for our install at sizes 460x77 (1x), 920x154 (2x), and 1380x280 (3x). I uploaded them to a new folder (/uploads/logos/), and adjusted the HTML code at the core > front > global > logo template to: <a href='{setting="base_url"}' id='elLogo' accesskey='1'><img src="{$logo}" srcset="/uploads/logos/logo-cdh-1x.png 1x, /uploads/logos/logo-cdh-2x.png 2x, /uploads/logos/logo-cdh-3x.png 3x" sizes="460px" alt='{setting="board_name" escape="true"}'></a> Note: I uploaded the 1x version as the logo in the template's settings page. After this change, our logo looks much crispier and also we got rid of the above warning. In fact, our "Best Practices" score inscreased from 86 to 93! 🙂 I really hope that this helps other administrators who are looking into ways to improve their community's performance, and I hope IPS can make adjustments to fix the recommendations presented by Lighthouse to improve the overall score of our websites. Enjoy! 🙂 Gabriel.
  14. @Paul E. You are absolutely right! There is another caveat. Here we configured that successive posts made within one hour to be merged. So if the user opens a topic, tries something out and is able to find a solution/fix the issue described in the post, he can come back, say, 30 minutes later, make a second post with the solution, but this second post will be merged with the first. And in that case, marking the first post as solution is a perfectly legit. So I guess my idea has a couple of flaws... so... scratch that! LOL
  15. Hi there, We are seeing some users here in our community who are creating topics and immediately marking their single post as solution. We guess they are doing this only to get attention. So my suggestion is to improve this feature by not allowing the topic author to mark the first post in a topic as solution. The user would still be able to mark other posts (including his own) as solution in the topics he started, just not the first one. See if that makes sense. Thanks.
  16. I fixed everything that I could. There are only two types of errors still there. One related to a plugin we used (already contacted the developer abou that) and another that is related to the addition of a "type" parameter in Javascript tags. This is done by CloudFlare's RocketLoader. Some people suggested here that I disabled RocketLoader, however, doing that our website loading time skyrockets, as you can see below.
  17. I am not a Mac user, so I haven't tested this yet. It depends on the market. Our website is specific for a single country (Brazil), and as mentioned, only 6.86% from our users use Safari.
  18. @Adlago I simply added loading="lazy" to img tags from reactions, user photo, and custom blocks/templates from cms. Working like a charm here. BTW user count accessing our website using Safari is currently only at 6.86%.
  19. Thanks @SeNioR-. BTW I simply updated our themes to use the default font, this way we don't need to load these fonts from Google in order to improve page load performance.
  20. Added lazy loading to users' photos, reactions, and custom cms templates. This fixed one of the issues listed in our report.
  21. After researching about this, browsers have now native lazy loader. We only need to edit the templates to add: loading="lazy" To all img tags. I edited the following templates: core > front > global reactionBlurb reactionLog reactionOverview reactionTabs reputation userPhoto userPhotoFromData This enabled lazy loading for user photos and reactions, and the "Defer offscreen images" warning from Google Lighthouse is now gone! 🙂 (I also made the same edit in my cms custom templates)
  22. Score for invisioncommunity.com is really low as well: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Finvisioncommunity.com%2Fforums%2F Did small fixes here and there, but I see that "Eliminate render-blocking resources" could be a place to improve. https://web.dev/render-blocking-resources/ @Mopar1973Man See how our CLS was completely fixed after we added a height to the Google AdSense tags here:
  23. CloudFlare has its own setting for this: I configured it for 1 year and now it is working as you suggested, Many thanks. 🙂 @Adlago I had to move the preload link for the fontawesome to the <head>, because at the bottom Google Lighthouse wouldn't recognized it and would say that I needed to preload it, even though the preload tag was present.
  24. Just bumping this to say that I've been trying to optimize our website with Google Lighthouse, and one of the suggestions is that we enable lazy loading for the user uploaded avatars. See below. So +1 for enabling lazy loading on users' avatars.
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