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  1. Your advice is great Jordan, unfortunately, a very small percentage of individuals lending toxicity to a site are having a bad moment or moments. They are simply jerks, they know they are jerks and nothing you or I or anyone reading this blog post is likely to change them for the better via “kindness and vulnerability”. Not that I’m not advocating you not give your suggestions the ole college try. As the saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. It really comes down to the value of your individual forums and the topics and subsequent comments posted by your members. In other words, what is the “real” value of the interactions taking place on your site in the grand scheme of things… The higher the “perceived” value the more likely a culture of “caring” (that kindness and vulnerability thing you mentioned) will spring up among your members. Elevating the conversations to ever higher levels will get people to slow down and think a moment before responding to posts or creating new ones. This is where moderation can be handy. If you have moderators or willing members help steer conversations that veer off into tangents back on topic or pose thought provoking comments to get others to “really” engage their brains (and never, ever feed the trolls) the jerks will quickly see this isn’t the place for them and they will move on.
  2. I suspect that very few legislators or their staff have even read the text of these new laws let alone old ones. This will likely end up being a case of throwing the baby out along with the bathwater. One would hope that prosecutors will only target individuals that are flagrant offenders to make examples of them. Websites will need to change how they operate. They will need to ensure all of their content is based on original thought and content, not a rehash of someone else's thoughts or content. It will be a painful transition but those that can do it successfully will thrive and those that aren't up to the task will have to shut down their sites. It will likely require "really" involving our communities in the process for any kind of chance of success. If our sites don't have sufficient original content and members that respect other peoples intellectual property then one wonders what our site's real value to society is.
  3. Developer has moved on to other endeavors and is unlikely ever to return.
  4. Sites could readily come to rely heavily on your application working long term. How likely will your solution not require updating to continue working as IPS releases new updates in the coming year(s). If it ends up needing updates how likely will it be that you can readily figure out how to update your app to continue being compatible. If you bow out of the marketplace who will take over maintaining the app? We have had a fair share of apps being neglected or abandoned for various reasons (such as death of a developer) to place to much reliance on marketplace developers. If you can address those concerns you will garner my support and business.
  5. The 4.5 version had a "lot" of changes, deletions and additional functionality added. This nescitated a great deal of changes to the code base. Some of it obvious and some not so obvious to third party developers. The vast majority of developers have full-time jobs and as such can devote only a limited time each week on their apps. If we want more timely app updates we would need to collectively pay "much" more for apps and updates to entice developers to code full-time for the marketplace. As folks complain quite loudly that the prices charged now are too high I don't expect things to change.
  6. I know there is an ACP toggle to force users to acknowledge new terms of service or privacy policy before being allowed to use the board. Could a similar process be created for this new feature? Have a dialog box appear with an explanation of the new feature and a list of who will be able to ascertain user name and for what purpose. User clicks on an accept button and only then can they post anonymously.
  7. Setting expectations will be paramount to successfully utilize this forum software and this new feature in particular.
  8. It's important to "really" know your audience. Many people tasked with communicating to a wide audience assume readers have sufficient "real world" experience and college-level reading ability (In the language being used) in which to be able to "really" understand the message that is trying to be conveyed. There was a time people actually had a love of words, think back to the time of Shakespeare. Now it seems people take a certain pride in trying to communicate with others with the fewest characters (not words) they can. This is causing people to have shorter and shorter attention spans. "Executive Summaries" are a great way of providing a simplified explanation of a topic and cater to those folks with short attention spans. If you choose to use abbreviations or words not commonly used it is helpful to provide an explanation of their meaning. Lastly, writers often focus their attentions on details (or choosing just the right words) and completely forget to call the readers to some kind of action. Some folks have more time than money, while others have money but little free time. Most any call to action can readily utilize both so don't focus all of your attention on one group. Give your readers a multitude of ways to be of service in the short and long term.
  9. This sounds like something I might like as well.
  10. That's brilliant Adriano!!! You might consider creating a separate monitizable version of this product. Such a version could be marketed to an entirely different group of IPS customers increasing overall sales. Once folks really look at the capabilities of the Member Shop, the Commerce addon and your app (with "just" the new features you will be adding in a couple of days) their imaginations will spark and multiple different use cases will come to mind. Being open to further refinement could lead to entirely different ways of running communities, allowing some to remain open a few years longer or allowing new ones to launch and thrive.
  11. It would be helpful if IPS listed which browsers they actively support (and let people now if they intend on deprecating a browser or version of a browser) with their platform and all third-party developers would be required to certify that their products are compatible with them prior to being listed in the marketplace. If a marketplace app doesn't work with a particular IPS supported browser than it should be clearly stated in the product description. This will allow customers to make an informed decision of whether or not the IPS platform and any marketplace apps a person may consider for purchase will meet their overall needs prior to purchase and not learn afterwards after they had made a nonrefundable purchase.
  12. You might check out the guide I posted above to see if it addressees the problems you are experiencing.
  13. A new train of thought was initiated by @TheWorldNewsMedia.org 19 hours ago and was followed up with 2 comments 15 hours ago and then 8 hours ago and then 3 hours ago and the last one 31 minutes ago. There are a lot of conversations that play out over the course of days or weeks before coming to some conclusion or it simply peters out. Most of the suggestion topics end up petering out. None of us participating in this particular conversation were online within the same minute let alone the same second so having a real time messaging solution wouldn't be of much use to us here. How many of the real time conversations on any given site will be meaningful enough that a member would be willing to offset the costs for supporting such functionality? There is demand (I'm interested down the road but my members will see the value of paying for such functionality) but not enough for IPS to provide a replacement for their deprecated chat app or for the existing chat providers to thrive as their customer base is small. Drive up demand and things might change for the better. Check out: https://betalist.com This site lists many startups that offer a multitude of internet based products including various real time communications offerings. If you can bring together a large enough group of sites they may be talked into integrating their product with the IPS suite.
  14. Here is an example of a topic about a functionality of Pages that wouldn't easily be found by searching but may be of interest to other folks than the original poster.
  15. It would be nice to have a dedicated area centered around Pages. I've seen lots of useful tips, examples, and answers to lots of folks questions but as they are scattered all over the place they can be tough to find as it is always hit or miss using the search tool. Having a dedicated area will help with future discoverability of content specific to pages and maybe some folks might offer to help comb through the older content and move the most useful to the new area to make them easy to find. This wouldn't be something that would yield immediate positive results but something that would grow ever more useful over time.
  16. This is an very interesting topic to explore in more detail. Let's say for the sake of argument that IPS implemented real-time personal messaging and video chatting. Consider the following: Facebook and other big social media companies have entire buildings full of servers scattered throughout the world and the staff to support them. As such, they have an incredible amounts of compute power, memory and direct high speed connections to the Internet that enables them to provide "real time" capabilities for a variety of services. They also have multiple revenue generating income streams in which to pay for it all. What would be the cost per user per month to support real time personal messages video chatting if we attempted to do it ourselves? Our costs would be significantly higher than our competitors as we can't take purchase goods and services at the scale they can. Would the increased operating costs for implementing real-time personal messaging and video chatting be less than or equal to the amount every site owner could talk their members into paying each month? Many sites would probably love to have such new functionality, but few of them could probably afford to implement it as they probably won't get enough of the members to pay for something they are used to getting free elsewhere. Competing against established social media companies will require serious out of the box thinking. I am curious to see all of the out of the box approaches people suggest to overcome the obstacles I mentioned above.
  17. In all seriousness, I think it is great that fellow IPS customers keep suggesting new features or better ways to implement existing ones. The challenge though is to do it in a way that will garner support from a "lot" of people in order to "really" get IPS attention or a third party developer to take the idea into real consideration. Your posting may not get you the results you hope for.
  18. If IPS created an AI based sarcasm filter the only thing that would appear in the response posted by @Joel Rabove would be the word "Like".
  19. @Joel R for every rule of thumb there are usually several exceptions that people haven't considered. I used the example that @RobotMonkeyHæd provided above and went ahead and modified one of the club keys for illustration purposes: If IPS decided to swap out the yellow highlighted text with: "They will not be able to join the club again unless invited by a Leader or Moderator" because they made a change in the program logic, the text in green would be outdated and provide inaccurate information needing updating by board admin. If "only we knew" the necessity to do it. We probably won't as the release notes mentioned nothing about updating clubs. (Just being real here 😀 ) Clubs are likely to receive updating at some point in time. Let's say IPS decided to display club creation date and created a new key to keep track of it. The club program would display "Date Club was created 01/01/2019" which would look out of place as all of the rest of the club had been changed to "Awards". One wouldn't necessarily know that this new key should be updated either. So it appears that changing club or clubs to another name requires followup after each new update to see if anything has been changed or added to ensure all relevant keys reflect the proper text. It might be helpful if IPS provided a list of changes for each new build of any adds or changes to language strings so that people can better determine if there will be any necessity to make appropriate edits. Its nice to know ahead of time the various gotchas one might encounter changing the default IPS suite behavior to determine if it is worth it in the end run. With that in mind, If anyone else can think of any other exceptions to the rule please chime in.
  20. Are there problems one should be on the lookout for related to renaming all of the instances of "clubs" & "club" to something else like "Awards"? This is something I've been thinking about doing but am concerned about the long term ramifications of doing so. Is there the slightest possibility that changing the name might impact third-party apps or themes or future IPS releases and default skins?
  21. As more and more people become concerned with privacy and various government entities start enacting privacy policies around the topic we should append the goodreads and google books APIs to the Third Parties Section of the board's Privacy Policy "if" appropriate. An acknowledgement (what information is being shared) via the two APIs and provide a link to the privacy policy.
  22. The link shown below probably should be updated to reflect the inclusion of both APIs in your program. This product uses both goodreads and google books APIs. The goodreads link currently goes to goodreads.com. Shouldn't the goodreads link direct a member to the API page instead? https://www.goodreads.com/api The same idea for the google books API: https://developers.google.com/books/
  23. It would be nice to have the ability to toggle the "More" button off or on. If a forum owner wants to try to garner Amazon Affiliate commissions they will probably want to toggle the "More" button off. The "More" button redirects to the goodreads.com website. Anyone clicking on links to purchase a book on this site forgoes getting commissions from Amazon or any other stores. The website also shows whether or not the book is available at nearby libraries. It is highly unlikely a member will backtrack to the forum and purchase the book via the "Buy" button.
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