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    jcdesign got a reaction from lanemi88 for a file, Oblivion dark theme with blue focus   
    Dark theme for the new IPS 4.3.x 4.4

    Live Demo at my site.
    Change theme to Oblivion or navigate with the default theme.

    Should fit all applications that IPS has to offer.
    Only for IPS version  4.3.x and 4.4
    ""The Landing Page is not included in the theme""
    Advanced footer

    Pattern images uploads

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    jcdesign got a reaction from Alone50 for a file, Oblivion dark theme with blue focus   
    Dark theme for the new IPS 4.3.x 4.4

    Live Demo at my site.
    Change theme to Oblivion or navigate with the default theme.

    Should fit all applications that IPS has to offer.
    Only for IPS version  4.3.x and 4.4
    ""The Landing Page is not included in the theme""
    Advanced footer

    Pattern images uploads

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    jcdesign got a reaction from Cyboman for a file, Oblivion dark theme with blue focus   
    Dark theme for the new IPS 4.3.x 4.4

    Live Demo at my site.
    Change theme to Oblivion or navigate with the default theme.

    Should fit all applications that IPS has to offer.
    Only for IPS version  4.3.x and 4.4
    ""The Landing Page is not included in the theme""
    Advanced footer

    Pattern images uploads

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    jcdesign got a reaction from Victor Fedorenko for a file, Oblivion dark theme with blue focus   
    Dark theme for the new IPS 4.3.x 4.4

    Live Demo at my site.
    Change theme to Oblivion or navigate with the default theme.

    Should fit all applications that IPS has to offer.
    Only for IPS version  4.3.x and 4.4
    ""The Landing Page is not included in the theme""
    Advanced footer

    Pattern images uploads

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    jcdesign reacted to TAMAN for a file, Advanced Footer   
    Advanced footer
    Advanced footer allows you to add a footer to your site with as many blocks as you want, including feeds from Forums, Gallery, Downloads, Pages, Facebook page feed, Twitter timeline feed, Adding members block, Custom Editor/HTML blocks and more.
    Beautiful and clean design it is fully responsive and perfectly suits your theme due to its highly customizable options, it is entirely customizable, resizable, and reorderable.
    Custom blocks. Custom HTML/Editor blocks. Member blocks. Quick Links. Social blocks (  Facebook page feed, Twitter timeline feed, Social links )
      Feed from IPS applications. ( New ) Forums. Gallery. Downloads. Pages.
      Create columns and optionally show it to specific themes, you can also set a custom column background color. ( New ) Create blocks and optionally set a specific width or a custom background color. ( New ) Resizable and reorderable Columns/blocks. Custom color options. / or Match colors to your theme.  


    Creating footer rows

    Creating blocks

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    jcdesign reacted to TAMAN for a file, Pages Article Styles   
    Pages Article Styles Is a set of 6 templates created in Pages app to show Pages Records in ( One Column, Two Column, Three Column, Two Column First Featured, Three Column First Featured... ) you can apply the styles on a databases or on blocks. no color customization needed.
    IPS Pages application is required.  
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    jcdesign reacted to TAMAN for a file, Magnum Theme   
    Key Features
    Palette 5 color schemes. Dark/Light versions included. One click to switch your website between 5 color schemes. Customize any of the colors schemes you want. All color schemes in palette including background images are user choosable. 
    Check the Demo site if you want to test the palette. 

      Color Management %99 all theme colors are customizable in theme settings. Without touching a line of code you can change the entire front-end colors all in theme settings.
    You can also use the palette to export your customized theme colors. Customize colors of Editor, Header & Navigation, Widgets & Titles, Social links, Forms & Toggles, Pagination & tabs, Buttons...etc).

      Forum Category Styles. Set a custom forum category background, title background...etc Apply a cover on specific forum category. 
    Useful for password protected forums, or forums with permissions. 
    No custom css or coding knowledge is required, All you have to do is selecting forums and apply the customization's. 

      Footer. Enable/Disable footer. show/hide on mobiles or tablets. Custom Editor field column, with a header text and a Truncatable option. Custom HTML field column. provided with a sample for quick links. Get feed from Pages application. Footer background image.

    All colors are customizable.

      Custom Widgets. Two custom ck Editor widgets to show on top or bottom of your website. Optionally show it only on specific pages like Registration page, Login page, User profiles ...etc). Set user permissions.
    Great for guest messages, or custom ads...

    All colors are customizable
      Advanced Custom Widgets Plugin.
    Advanced custom widgets is an additional plugin to purchase, it allows you to add any Sticky or Normal custom TXT and HTML widgets. Each widget you add is fully customizable with its own configuration settings.

      Social Profiles. Displays a sticky social media icons in the sidebar of your site. Square, Circle icons. Show Contact Us button inside social profiles sidebar. Use custom colors for the icons.

      Christmas mode. Snowfall mode.

      Theme add-ons
    Swiper Slider. Enable/Disable Swiper slider. Permissions. Where to show. Excludable from IPS applications and other pages on the site. Get feed from Pages application. Customize slider height. Show pagination. Show navigation. Autoplay. Autoplay speed. Loop Mode. Lazy Loading. Swiping mode. Lazy Loading. Add a texture overlay. Add a color overlay. Sliding Effects. Custom CSS field for the slider contents. reorderable Sliders.
      News Ticker. Enable/Disable News Ticker Simple tickers. Custom html tickers. Permissions. Hide on mobile. auto scrolling speed. Get feed from Pages application.

    All colors are customizable.
      News Ticker Plugin
    News Ticker is an additional plugin to purchase in marketplace, it comes with many more options and configurations to customize including a couple more different styles. and on the fly add/edit tickers with options for who can add/edit... and more...
    Copyright text removal
    If you need to remove the copyright notice on bottom of the theme, you need to purchase the theme copyright removal plugin.
    IPSkit.com Theme Copyright Removal
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    jcdesign reacted to ehren. for a file, Titan // ipsfocus.com   
    Titan for IPS.Suite
    Titan is the ultimate gaming theme, based upon a large wallpaper image which is blurred behind textured navigation and category bars. Easily upload your own image via the theme settings to completely change the colour scheme, or let your members choose from a predefined selection!

    Theme features

    Theme Settings
    Easily enable, disable or modify theme features such as background images, logos, social media links, guest messages and colors. This makes modifications and upgrades very simple since little code changes are required.

    Unique navigation design
    Titan features a unique navigation design, utilising an animated effect on-hover.

    Blurred headers
    The navigation bar and category headers inherit a blurred version of your background image. Compatible with all modern browsers, except IE.

    Social links
    Social links can be enabled/disabled and customized to your own URL, allowing you to easily link to your social network pages (facebook, twitter, etc)

    Background picker
    Your members can choose their own background image (or color) from a predefined selection and their choice is saved via cookies. This feature can be configured and disabled if necessary within the theme settings.

    Global message
    Display a message across the top of your site with important announcements. Once your members have seen the message, they can press the Dismiss button to remove it (until you configure a new one).

    Guest message
    A customizable message can be shown to guests, prompting them to either register or login to your forum. Two designs, "billboard" and "alert" (shown) are available.

    HTML logo with slogan
    Easily add/edit your text logo and slogan from within the theme settings. If required, the text can be replaced by an image instead.

    Mega Footer
    A mega footer with configurable column numbers and content can be enabled and customized all within the theme settings.
    Demo  //  Detailed list of features
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    jcdesign reacted to Veilon for a file, ☂️ Zeron - Amazing gaming style   
    Zeron -  is a unique style of play, executed in a very pleasant dark tones with a large number of settings
    View demo 🔗         📑 Product return policy

    If You like the style, then check out my other work
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    jcdesign reacted to Flitterkill for a file, Send PM via Admin CP Profile   
    This plugin will allow admins to start a conversation with members directly on their profiles on Admin CP.
    Version 1.0.1 is for 4.2.x and lower. Use the version selector below to download this one.
    Version 2 is for 4.3 and above.
    If you have Spacious ACP you do not need this, it's built in to Spacious.
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    jcdesign reacted to onlyME for a file, (BIM) Quick Search   
    This plugin provides search form that will search any content with autocomplete functionality and show results with thumbnails for applications: Downloads, Forums (Topic Thumbnail required), Pages, Gallery, Blog, Calendar, Videobox, Musicbox, Tutorials 
    Enable/Disable plugin. Permissions for member groups. Max results. Search incomplete words Find results in Content titles only  |  Content titles and body Search Mode: OR / AND Set default search type for all pages Show category and author in search results. Display Quick Search in mobile & tablet *NEW* Demo: http://demo.ipsviet.com
    Download version 4.x.x if you're using IPS 4.4.x
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    jcdesign reacted to BN_IT_Support for a file, Other Files From File Submitter   
    This pluign will add a slider on file view to display other files from the file submitter.
    Number of files to display Type of files display: start date or random files Requirement:
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    jcdesign reacted to Mark Round for a file, Gamer Elite   
    Gamer Elite is a powerful theme with a lot of options for customization!
    Slider with easy to change options in acp
    Rotating backgrounds utilising jquery also configurable from acp
    custom footer planned soon!
    Custom backgrounds included!
    Ideal for many genre of site
    Theme customization service available,contact me via pm.
    low price
    demo at dtweb.space
    contact me to set up a demo account.
    Very easy to customize,perfect for gaming/server sites!
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    jcdesign reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Top Content Poster   
    This widget will give the admin the ability to create a TOP POSTER CONTENT block similar to Popular Contributors block, using any of the contents available on their board. You can use more than one block in every page.
    Filters: As it happens on Popular Contributors block, the records can be filtered by:
    Week Month Year All Time Content Type: The following content will be automatically recognized and will be available to be used in blocks:
    Forums: Top Topics Starter Gallery: Top Images Submitter Downloads: Top Files Submitter Blog: Top Entries Starter Calendar: Top Events Starter Pages: Top Records Starter Content Type - 3rd party: It will also will work with any 3rd party app that meets the requirement for IPS4 Content, such as:
    Tutorials Videos System VideoBox Etc. Those options will appear if you have the app installed on your IPS4 installation.
    Settings per widget block:
    Block title Number to show Content Type Groups allowed to view the block  
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    jcdesign reacted to DawPi for a file, (DP45) Guest View Limits   
    Limit page views for guests in specified amount of time.

    bots can explore whole board without limits, enable/disable mod, exclude urls, exclude forums and clubs, set visit limit number and time, set error message, limit topics (or no). Version for IP.Board 3.x can be downloaded here.
    Due to the rework on this app (every new resource has to be done from the scratch to run on IPS4 and it was a hook on 3.4), a new purchase is required. Thank you for your understanding.
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    jcdesign reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Bulk PM   
    This application will allow admins to send Bulk PMs to specific user groups.
    PM Settings:
    Author Allow reply & add a copy on author Inbox folder Title Content PM Filters:
    Groups to send the PM Include Secondary Groups Content Count Reputation Points Joined Date Last Visit to the Site
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    jcdesign reacted to -RAW- for a file, iAwards   
    The long awaited awards application for IPS has arrived!
    iAwards provides administrators the ability to award their members with badges that show in their profile and, if chosen, on their posts.
    Standalone this application has the ability to manually award members and to award members based on the amount of awards the member has. You can award both from the ACP as well as from the create menu at the top of your site.
    In order to give everyone a fully customizable way to award we have integrated it with the Rules application. 
    This gives you the power to award your members based on rules that you create instead of the ones that we think up.
    Features include:
    Choose location of awards – Under the post or under the author pane. Hide awards – To allow members to show the ones they want. Award based on number of awards. Manual awarding. Upgrade Tools for both HQ Awards and Awards (Free). Category and awards management. Support topic at IPS: Click Here
    For the best support please register at http://bbcode.it
    Recommended addons:
    Automation Rules Lite or Automation Rules Full
    iAwards Guide By @Chris59: Award-Guide-v1.0.pdf

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    jcdesign reacted to Flitterkill for a file, Plugin Version on Plugins Page   
    This plugin will display the plugin version underneath the plugin in name in the plugins list in your ACP.
    If you want a more compact view grab Spacious ACP.
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    jcdesign reacted to -RAW- for a file, Traffic Generator   
    This plugin generates fake visitor and member sessions to recreate the environment of an active community.
    Sponsored by: wmarcy
    Warning Note: This item cannot be used on IPS Hosting.
    If you are on shared hosting try not to set to a high amount of members.
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    jcdesign reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Downloads Files Widget   
    This plugin will display files from your Downloads on a widget.
    Plugin settings:
    Number of files do display Type of files to display: What's New (new files), Highest Rated or Most Downloaded files. Groups allowed to view the block Requirement:
    Downloads application
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    jcdesign reacted to OsmanK for a file, Envision Dark 4.3 & by IPSMake   
    Envision Dark is a dark IPS theme perfect for gaming sites or clan communities. It has a fully responsive width adjusts automatically to any screen size or resolution.


    Compatibility: IPS Community Suite 4.3.1
    IPS Applications:
    Forums Chat, Downloads, Calendar, Chat, Downloads, Commerce, Pages, Blog, Gallery.
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    jcdesign reacted to Flitterkill for a file, Group Name Indicator   
    Show a legend of your groups in the Who's Online and Recently Browsing widgets, sorted in the order you specify and linked to the search system. Handy so that people know what those group prefixes and suffixes mean.

    You choose which groups appear in the legend, and the order they will appear in, with the plugin settings in the ACP. Group links will carry any group formatting (colors, etc.) you may have set. Clicking the entries in the legend takes users to a list of all members with that group designation.
    Version 6 is for Invision Community 4.5 and above. Tweaks the &q appendage slightly - this is tested but environments vary, give a yell if there are problems.
    Version 5 is for IPS 4.4.5 and above. Untested on earlier versions. Version 5 addresses changes within the IPS search subsystem that now REQUIRES a query parameter to be passed through. GNI urls now append a "&q= "  - and yes, the space after equals sign is intentional and necessary. If you edit the plugin template files, do keep this in mind.
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    jcdesign reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Guest View Limit on Databases Records   
    This application will limit databases record views for guests in last 24 hours.
    NOTE: PAGES required!
    Number of visits allowed per day Databases affected Error message
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