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  1. Trader Feedback System

    Hello, Can someone explain me how to increase feedback comment characters limit ? because at this moment limit is only 80 Characters and sometimes it is hard to write good feedback.
  2. GreenSEO

    Than, i want ask refund my 66 usd it is huge money for me, because i can not use Greenseo app anymore.. :sad: This is great app and it is exactly what i was looking, but this app have to many compatibility problems with another third party app of IP.board :sad:
  3. GreenSEO

    Greenlinks where are you ? I asked trader feedback system support for stoo2000, but he can not help about this Question and said ask your help because it is Greenseo trouble, not feedback app. Please help me, or i will be forced to uninstall Greenseo app and ask refund, because my board can not stay alive without trader feedback system.. :/
  4. GreenSEO

    Hello, i found greenseo bug with another very popular IPB Application: Trader feedback system '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Than i am trying to add new feedback, i am just getting redirect to random forum thread, but not to feedbacks adding section and so, i cannot add a feedback at all :/ Can help ? Trader feedback system is very important for my board.
  5. GreenSEO

    Hello, i think i found a trouble with greenseo and want ask how to solve it. I still do not know this error is important or not, but than i used IPB database checker tool, i got this error: " alt="76d75ffbf910c690dd1cb312af8b5af7.png"> Than i clicked fix this table, i got: Can you explain what is this and how to solve it ?
  6. GreenSEO

    Oh, okay. I thought, include all categories will be better for SEO, but maybe i am wrong :unsure:
  7. GreenSEO

    Yes and in result we have link with domain/one forum name/topic name. For example look in this support thread. Full tree of this topic is: http://community.invisionpower.com/Community Resources/IPS Marketplace Topics/ GreenSEO This is full link wit General forum name, subforum name and topic name. I want ask is it possible to do with greenseo plugin ? I tried edit furltamplate code : '#{__title__}/#{__title-1__}/$1-#{__title-2__}$2' ) but did not work. maybe i edited something wrong or maybe it is not possible at all. So i just want ask is it possible ? and if yes, how to edit furl template correctly :)
  8. GreenSEO

    Thank you, i did it and now everythink working fine all extansions working without problems too :) Whats about more hierarchical urls ? at this moment my url structure is domain/subforum/topic. is it possible make full hierarchy like: domain/forum/subforum/topic ?
  9. GreenSEO

    Bought this plugin, still seems everything working, i want ask, how to remove html from link? i mean: domain.com/forumname/id-threadname.html
  10. GreenSEO

    Can someone answer me ? Is GreenSEO tool do not cause Recent topics, recent posts modules ? Are they showing new hierarchical urls too ?
  11. GreenSEO

    And whats about compatibility with others third party extensions of IPB ? If i am understanding correctly this plugin have affect only for Forums and topics links. But i want be guaranted, that it will not cause my board plugins :)
  12. GreenSEO

    Okay, and another question. Is this plugin redirect old url to new hierarchy url with 301 redirect ?
  13. GreenSEO

    Hello, i am interesting buy this plugin, i want ask is support of this plugin still alive ? is it compatible with IPB 3.46 and do not have any troubles with third party extensions ?
  14. Download: (Pav33) Topic Description

    Is this works for 3.4.6 version ?
  15. Classifieds

    Please me it so that only a registered member (not a guest) could see the contact details.