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  1. Message on Board Index

    totally missed this follow up - thanks though - that worked like a charm
  2. Message on Board Index

    any idea why when you put a linked image in here it will open the link but also opens a new window with just the image??
  3. Going to put this out there again to see if anyone since has an idea how I can handle this. Our members once they are "approved" get moved into a member group that does not allow profile edits. We would however like to allow these groups to still be able to edit at a minimum their avatar but really both their avatar and signature. In the member group settings there is a place to mark allow them to edit avatar/sig but these feature seems to be overwritten by the setting to not allow profile edits. Would really love to allow some changes here. Ideally what I would love to see is that fields can be set individually - ie - you can pick and choose what things lock and what things remain open for editing.
  4. Relationship Status

    Also curious if this allows for multiple relations - have an rp forum that this would be a neat way to show relationships to other characters (even just list family) can you have more than one type of relationship so like: Married: Maria Family: Tom And/or can it just do multiple names for one relationship like: Family: Tom, Jane, Jill
  5. (DP34) Account Switch

    since the most recent update to IPS the Account Switch Profiles Linked on the bottom of the profiles does not show all the accounts linked - any idea why?
  6. [HQ] Awards

    One thing that would be nice is the ability to reorder the awards given. I have large awards and then some small badge like awards and like to keep certain kinds together when displayed in the profile but I cant reorder without deleting and regiving them in the right order.
  7. [HQ] Awards

    Still trying to understand if you can get the auto awards to show for items already past. I have an active board - members already have 500+ posts. I want the ones that have passed 500 to get the auto award - how can you get it to award them to those that already crossed that mark? or is the auto feature only on a go forward basis and I have to manually award to those that already crossed this point?
  8. Scrolling Message

    actually was able to change the hook point and get it on bottom. But as I was filling it in with linked images - the first 4 in a row are perfect but by the fourth its seperating the link from the image like this: [url=www.sodiumsky.com/end/index.php [ /url] I tried to load it in code viewer and found that it doesnt save anything when you use the code instead of dropping in the image and overlaying the link. :/ Any thoughts?
  9. Scrolling Message

    unfortunately that does not move it below the actual board - just up and down of items on top :/
  10. Scrolling Message

    oops - missed that - will review and attempt - thanks!
  11. Scrolling Message

    nice!! Question - it currently shows on top - would it be possible to put it just above the footer?
  12. [HQ] Users Wall Of Fame

    Brilliant!! Thanks so much for this! - love it and exclusion worked great - now users and not admins are actually at the tops of the lists!
  13. [HQ] Awards

    Also - I noticed when I give a new award it shows above the others - can I get this to work in ascending order? so the newest award is on the bottom of the list rather than the top on the post left profile
  14. [HQ] Awards

    maybe i am missing it - but once you have set up auto awards - like for posts lets say. How can you get it to award them to those that already crossed that mark? or is it only on a go forward basis?
  15. [HQ] Users Wall Of Fame

    Would also love to see the ability to exclude admins and staff - but other than that do love the hook!