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  1. Kenneth WedMore Lund

    Request: Truncation of RSS

    I would kindly like to suggest for a solution to truncate the RSS output. As for now, you can only output 100% of a given content. When dealing with articles, we'd very much like to only send out an intro or smaller amount of the article and not the whole piece. Wordpress has this switch in backend to let the user pick if they want to output 100% or only first piece (like 250 words) etc. This way, we can use RSS to bring the users back to the site to finish reading the piece. Would this be possible in a future update ? Perhaps very simply: RSS output (choose between) * FULL * _____ words (fill in the number)
  2. Kenneth WedMore Lund

    Download: Danish public language pack

    Jeg har lige søgt på ordet "golf" i sprogfilen og i min kommer der 4 (fire!) hele sider med oversættelser hvor ordet "golf" indgår. Er det dét, du kalder "100% oversat" eller har jeg en forkert udgave af filerne?
  3. Kenneth WedMore Lund

    Download: Danish public language pack

    Ja jeg må nok sige at jeg er en anelse skuffet. Dels er der steder hvor ord der kun passer til dit eget site, indgår - eks. "golfbilleder" i galleriet. Dels synes jeg ikke at oversættelse er 100%, så jeg sidder og spekulerer på om det mon ikke er din fulde udgave, jeg har downloadet?
  4. Kenneth WedMore Lund

    Member Reviews

    Is there no way to add images for product reviews and "where to buy"-links ?
  5. Kenneth WedMore Lund

    Request: html in events

    I need to post a specific embed-code and also not only YouTube but Vimeo as well (and Vimeo-links doesn't auto parse, if I'm correct :) ?
  6. Kenneth WedMore Lund

    Media System

    Hi I just bought your add-on and followed the instructions for installation. It's not visible in the menu/navigation, though - perhaps have a look at my site at www.livingsmart.dk What do I need to do, to make it visible in the navigation for the users ?
  7. Kenneth WedMore Lund

    Request: html in events

    We would like to suggest an addition to the existing ip.calendar: html Our site is the homepage of a weekly TV-show and we use the calendar to post teasers for upcoming shows. The teasers also include a short youtube-video but it seems that we cannot post this in the existing version of ip.calendar :)