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    Makoto reacted to xdrox in Reactions Feed Widget   
    Works as advertised. No hassle. Many options so it's highly customisable.
    I've decided to show only one reaction. That way, it kinda acts as a topic randomizer. You can visit my board for a demo.
    The creator of this plugin was available and responded quickly to my questions before purchase. 
    Many thanks !
  2. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to AmericanRev2 in Reactions Feed Widget   
    Works as it says, thank you
  3. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to The Old Man in Makoto's Gallery Enhancements   
    Thank you Makoto, this little 43KB plugin addresses so many of the frustrating, longstanding issues with IPS Gallery especially with the way that the Lightbox is forced on users in too many and in the wrong places. The difference is like night and day.
    The icing on the cake is that you shared this for free. I am using and love the wider 100% images, and the improved navigation as a result of less Lightbox is much more sensible and far less confusing for users. When combined with Show Image Dimensions by Adriano, the 2 plugins make a great combo.
    I would award it 6 out of 5 if the option to touch swipe left and right between the 100% images could be done.
    Thanks again and nice work!
  4. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to CaliPilot in 📧 Block Disposable E-mails   
    Works as expected and saves a lot of time! Thank you!
  5. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to abobader in Radical Tags   
    Work without any problem, thanks for Makoto for doing this app, well done to him.
  6. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to DanielFb in Radical Tags   
    The plugin works as expected and offers what the description says ... I'm not sure why it received 1 star. Seeing the support thread the issues a customer had seem to be related to a third-party plugin.
  7. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to _Vault_ in 📧 Block Disposable E-mails   
    Works as advertised! 
  8. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to Nabix in Discord Native Widget   
    Looks clean and works perfectly.
  9. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to Feneroin in Radical Tags   
    This is a wonderful "Tags" app.
    Thanks to you Makoto.
    Easy to install and i like the animation of the app 😄 
  10. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to Unlucky in Makoto's Gallery Enhancements   
    Brilliant - this is a huge improvement - well done
  11. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to Tripp★ in Makoto's Gallery Enhancements   
    Absolutely needed. Thank you very much for this thoughtful modification @Makoto. You had me at allows you to disable the lightbox. 
  12. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to Optic14 in 📧 Block Disposable E-mails   
    A must have. IP bans are not feasible any more. This is a fantastic supplement.
  13. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to Bluto in 📧 Block Disposable E-mails   
    Works so well you forget it's installed.  A must have in my book.  Temp email addresses are a real pain for admins.
  14. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to ahc in Makoto's Gallery Enhancements   
    I have been making so many gallery based suggestions for 3 years that have fallen on deaf ears, and this is the best thing that's happened to Gallery since we switched to Invision.  It only takes a few changes to make such a large impact for the better.
  15. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to AlexWright in Makoto's Gallery Enhancements   
    This is just what gallery needed. Perfectly executed. Excellent support.
  16. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to Dean Spencer in Makoto's Gallery Enhancements   
    Works great on my community. Thank you! 
  17. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to ZeeZane in Radical Tags   
    This is a really helpful tool that is a perfect replacement for Advanced Tags and Prefixes application by Ryan. The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is the lack of being able to have prefixes as "Saved Actions", which I believe is coming soon.
    Great stuff.
  18. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to StormyWays13 in Discord Chat Client   
    It was extremely easy to set up and looks great on the site. After testing, everything works great! LOVE it!
  19. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to steel51 in Account Deactivation / Deletion   
    I use this app a long time and it is a great enhancement to my site. It is the best "please delete my account" - app here in marketplace and the best one you can buy.
    Full recommendation for this app and for @Makato as publisher, who is very helpful and supportive with any issues.
  20. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to AlexJ in 📧 Block Disposable E-mails   
    Support - A+
    Functionality - What's mentioned in description, it works. If you need enhancement, up to the coder but developer is always open for feedback and responsive and not like some, where you need to keep following up for feedback. 
    Performance - A+
  21. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to MediaDIGI.com in 📧 Block Disposable E-mails   
    Awesome plugin. The dev put a lot of work into it and created a nice app that works exactly as advertised. It help us blocking the members that join our communities only to post spam.
  22. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to rainstone.digital in 📧 Block Disposable E-mails   
    Works great, some areas for improvement and the developer is working hard on it 🙂
  23. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to DSystem in Profile Meta Tags   
  24. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to AlexWebsites in Profile Meta Tags   
    What a great catch! Thanks @Makoto 👍
  25. Thanks
    Makoto reacted to PatrickZ in Discord Native Widget   
    Looks neat and works like a charm.
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