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  1. It took me a few hours but I found a fix. I changed storage method to File System and it started working. Then I changed it back to Database and it is still working.....at least for now. I think the "Something is not working" option in Support should take care of this problem. It should clear whatever needs to be cleared in the datastore for IPS Connect to stop communicating with slaves if no slaves are defined.
  2. Hello, We used IPBWI for a while to have SSO between IPB and WordPress. Now we removed it as we no longer need it but it looks like IPB is still trying to handle slaves. Whenever a user logs in this message is displayed in the browser. There was an error processing your login request at one of the sites in our network. The url in the address bar ends up to be https://forum.aqe.quebec/applications/core/interface/ipsconnect/ipsconnect.php?do=crossLogin&key=568c971adb6b24d03ab1cec71f299d63&url=https://forum.aqe.quebec//applications/core/interface/ipsconnect/ipsconnect.php&id=1876&returnTo=https://forum.aqe.quebec/ The login works fine though, if I just retyple the board's URL in the address bar then I am logged in. I just can't figure out why IPS still tries to kick in. IPSConnect is not enabled ipb_core_ipsconnect_slaves is empty The conf_value for key connect_slaves in ipb_core_sys_conf_settings is 0 I tried clearing the cache I tried emptying the datastore folder It's still does that. Hopefully someone has an idea
  3. I apologize if this has been suggested before, I searched and did not find it. I think users should be able to have multiple reactions on posts. It is totally possible that someone would want to "Like" a post and "Thank" the poster for example.
  4. The Leaderboardboard is all messed up on my site when using Internet Explorer 11. I circled the scroll section at the bottom to show how wide it actually is. It is ok when logged in with the same user in Opera.
  5. Hello @Mark This is exactly what I did. The only problem with this setup is that the end user needs to choose this shipping to continue the checkout process. It's a very little extra step but it's confusing to some users. They don't realize they have to do this and they don't know know why they can't continue to the next step
  6. @Mark I tried setting up my store to include the shipping in the prices but there is a problem here. I need to set the products as "Physical" to make sure that the user enters a shipping addres but if I do not have a Shipping Rate assigned to the product, an error is displayed during checkout saying the product cannot be shipped to the address. So then I tried to create a shipping with no actual rates in it but the form forces us to fill in both the Name and Delivery Estimates which are displayed in the checkout screen. I can make this work and figure out something to put in those fields so it would not look too stupid but regardless, the user now needs to select that shipping method in order to be able to continue to the next step. I am sorry to say but all these small annoyances with shipping rates and tax rates for both end users and administrators make Commerce look like a cheap product that in no way is worth $100.00 up front and $35.00 renewal twice a year. I purchased it yesterday and honestly, I deeply regret it because I feel like I have been ripped. I know this is harsh and I apologize for it but it is frustrating to buy what you expect to be an online store and end up with a cheap gimmick that cannot properly do the most basic things in running a store. Commerce and Nexus have always been only good enough to sell forum subscriptions and even then, the taxes would be an issue. I think Invision needs to step up and make it really capable of handling the selling of physical items or remove that feature from it and sell it just what it is, a module to sell forum subscriptions. And Mark, please do not take my comments personally, it just so happened that you are the one who answered my orignal post but my criticism is about the product, not about your reply
  7. I have been thinking about this overnight and I may have an easy solution. First thing, regardless of anything else. I think we should be able to enter a description for each tax rate. In many countries a business cannot simply print the word "Tax" with a dollar amount, it is often required by law to print the actual tax name and rate. Ideally we would be able to do this per language. Now here's what I suggest. The "Name" field in the "Settings" tab should never appear on the invoice, it would only be used inside commerce. The invoice would print the individual rate "codes", rate and amount. On the first screen, we'd have the tax Code and rate but we'd also have the "Use detail rates only" option which would allow us to leave the code and rate blank on this screen. But in this example, I have set it so I would charge the 5% TPS/GST to everyone. If there was nothing defined in the "Rates" tab than this would be the only tax on the invoice and it would print as TPS/GST (5%) with the tax amount beside ide. If the first screen is set as above and the "Rates" screen is set as follow, then both taxes should be calculated and appear separately on the invoice. In this example, if the sales amount was 100$, I should see. Sales Amount: $100.00 TPS/GST (5%): $5.00 TVQ/QST (9.9975%): $9.98 Invoice Total: $114.98 Obviously, the TVQ/QST is rounded amount Although the above demonstrates how I think the rate Settings tab and Rates tab should work, this configuration would not be good for someone in Canada because, as I said in my previous post, some provinces have Harmonized Sales Tax with is the TSP/GST rate + their own rate. For example, Ontario has a 8% rate so the HST in this province is 13%. Because of this, I would have to create rules for each province by specifying "Use detail rates only" on the Settings tab (which would allow me to leave the fields empty) and set everything in the "Rates" tab. Example 1: For Ontario, I would configure it like this and the invoice would only show "HST (13%)" with the amount. For Quebec, because I have to show taxes separately, I would configure it this way. The Settings tab would be set empty like above but the "Rates" tab would have two rates for Quebec. Note that this means that Commerce would have to use all the rates that match the ship to, currently if we set to entries for the same destination in the "Rates" tab, only the first one is used. Obviously I may be wrong but this does not look to me as it would be very complicated to change and I believe it would cover the needs of everyone, everywhere.
  8. Hello @Mark You are giving me stuff to think about. I was so caught in trying to set this up, it had not crossed my mind that someone could by t-shirts and stickers on the same order. In this case I would obviously put the stickers in the same package. I think I may have to change my approach and do shipping rates differently.
  9. Hello again. I don't like the way shipping rates work in Commerce. I find it counter intuitive and its current limitations and complexity makes it hardly usable. It does not make sense to me that I should create a shipping rate and then choose which products it is available for. It does not make sens because the rates work with From/To ranges of weights or number of items but that makes absolutely no sense if you want to work with number of item because, for example, a T-Shirt would cost much more to ship than a sticker. This means that if I sell t-shirts and stickers (which is my case as you might have guessed), I need to create two shipping rates, both callled Canada Post, it's the only shipping method I use so I have to both the same name, then assign one to the T-Shirt product and the other one to the stickers product. It would make more sense to me to have a Shipping Method configuration where I would create one entry per carrier (Canada Post, Fedex, Purolator, etc), create the shipping rates rules in the product itself and then assign a shipping method to each shipping rate. Another problem is that it's not possible to enter a fix rate per unit. I charge 5$+tax to ship a t-shirt, that is what is costs me and I don't care how many one might buy, it will still be 5$+tax per t-shirt. I cannot configure this in Commerce because it only works by From/To ranges so the only way for me to do this is creating multiple rules as; From 1 to 1; 5$ From 2 to 2: 10$ From 3 to 3: 15$ From 4 to 4: 20$ etc. There is no way for me to know in advance what is the maximum number of t-shirt a person could put in his cart. For all I know, one could place an order for a large group of people and buy 100 of them, or maybe more. So how much time am I supposed to spend creating rules and how many of them an I supposed to create when all I really need is to tell Commerce that I charge 5$ per t-shirt. Another problem that this from/to range creates is if I don't end my list of rules with an unlimited "to" value, Commerce will not be able to calculate the shipping if an order falls outside of the rules I have set and it will end up charging.............................0$ for shipping. This is in my opinion of big flaw in the system, Commerce cannot "decide" to charge nothing for shipping just because it does know how much to charge. If there is no rule that allows it to calculate the shipping, it should put the order on hold and allow the administrator to review it. Commerce cannot accept an orrder and payment that would en up costing me a fortune in shipping from my own pocket. I bought Commerce this morning and with the shipping rates problems and limitations, and the tax issues that I brought up in a previous topic, I am at a point where I am going to try and get a refund for it because it will make managing my store so complicated I might as well do it manually and save the price of Commerce and the renewals.
  10. And tax rates also need to support more than 2 decimals. If everyting I posted above was supported, I still would not be able to use the tax system in Commerce because it would be illegal for me to charge 9.98% when the rate is 9.975%
  11. Hello, In Canada we pay a 5% tax on goods and services all accross Canada. Some provinces also have their own tax which is usually included in a harmonized tax that is collected by said province and is charged as one tax. Unfortunately, in Quebec the taxes are not harmonized in this way and they have to appear separately in the invoice. Examples: Alberta: Only the federal 5% tax needs to be charged because this province does not have provincial sales tax so the taxes on the invoice appears as "GST: 5%" Ontario: On top of the federal tax, this province has its own 8% tax but as it is "harmonized", Ontario businesses charge 13% and it shows on the invoice as "HST: 13%" Quebec: As previously said, Quebec also has its own sales tax but it is not harmonized, it is a 9.975% tax (please don't ask why not 10%, nobody knows except the idiots who made that decision) that is collected separately from the federal tax and the invoices needs to show two taxes as: GST: 5% QST: 9.975% And this is where Commerce comes short, we can configure as many tax rates as we need but we can only assign one to a product. We need to be apply to apply multiple tax rates on a product. I can harly believe that Quebec is the only place in the world (or even North-America) where there is more than 1 level of sales tax.
  12. Not a problem, I can still use your mod for tags and prefixes, I will just have to find a different solution for my topic statuses.
  13. I installed this mod today and I can't get it to work the way I want so I am thinking now maybe it can't do it. Say I have predefined tags T1,T2, T3 and prefixes P1,P2 and P3. I don't want the users to be able to use tags as prefixes and prefixes as tags. This works one way, my tags cannot be used as prefixes but the prefixes can be used as tags which, for my case defeats the purpose. I want to use the prefixes as a status so a topic can either be P1, P2 or P3, it cannot be a combination of 2 or 3 but it's confusing for the reader if the topic starter uses P1 as a prefix and then P2 as a tag. The readers will not know the status of the topic. Is there a way I can prevent the users from using Prefixes as tags ?
  14. Kev, Have you tried putting the ACP URL directly in your browsers address bar ? That would be http://lsptest/admin
  15. All fixed and good. I had to ask support as I could not figure this out. For others who might have similar problems, check all your url's, my problem was a bad uploads one.
  16. All fixed and good. I had to ask support as I could not figure this out. For others who might have similar problems, check all your url's, my problem was a bad uploads one.
  17. cPanel was removed for cloud communities a while ago with no annoucement (afaik anyway). I was told by support that it was temporary while they were moving to 4.x but that was back in November. Personnally, I think it's never coming back.
  18. That's a good point Morrigan, I did not put this in a new directory, I just uploade 4.0 on top of 3.4. I have to say I feel the installation guide from Invision is kind of thin on how to upgrade from 3.4 to 4.0
  19. Christopher, yes I am sure I moved all the files. I think all my problems came from a problem in the database, something went wrong during the upgrade. The background tasks were all finished but I an not sure they worked properly. I had many many memory issues for trying this on a underpowered vps and had to be very "creative" to get mysql running. I got fed up with this last night and got another VPS, running Centos 7 which makes it a lot easier to install the required versions of mysql without messing around with repositories. I just completed a clean install of IPB on that server. I am going to make sure that everything runs well and once I am confident that my server is properly configured I will try an upgrade from 3.4.x to 4.0.x again. Thanks for the info on the "Support" link, I did not see this.
  20. Not so lucky. I just noticed that DM was still enabled. After disabling it I am back to blue links.
  21. I upgraded a 3.4.7 forum to the latest IPB 4 and the UI does not work the way it should. I can't close IPB's drop down menus once they're opened. Here, the menu opens when I click my name on the top right corner and closes when I click again. On my site, it does not close. The only way to get rid of it is to click on another link. I have the same problem in ACP, clicking my name opens the "Change detail/Signout menu" but then I can't close it. ACP Search gone ?? In IPB 3 there is the search box on the top right corner, you type something and brings up everything that contains the string from settings, pages, members etc. I don't have this in IPB 4, has it been removed ? Cannot reorder anything. I have the "Reorder" option at the bottom left corner but clicking on it does nothing, no matter where I am in ACP, I can't reorder anything. This does not sound normal, I am thinking either something went wrong with the upgrade or it's a problem with the server configuration but I don't know where to look.
  22. Problem fixed. I had to activate designer's mode and sync back to the database
  23. Error 145 had nothing to do with it, the ipb_sessions table was marked as crashed but after fixing it my forum still looks the same
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