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  1. CKEditor

    Has this been resolved? Still an issue for my site and would like to address.
  2. If you have a highly active board with forum & topic followers that want instant email notifications, when offline, sending a unique email for every single reply to a topic can flood your user's inbox. The intent of notifications is to bring members back to your site to interact, but the way the IPB does it now, it can flood a user's inbox and make them t'd off instead. How it should work is that when offline, the user gets ONE email for the first unread post in topics they are following. That will draw them back to the topic and when there, they'll see the rest of the replies. I have a user that got 40 emails on a single topic over the weekend. That's just flat out annoying. Now, I know that he can set it up for a daily digest, our default site setting, but the fact is, there is just a better way to do it. Please seriously consider overhauling this function.
  3. When you browse an IPB site as a guest, after the last topic, the reply button is greyed out and reads, "you cannot reply to this topic". IMHO, this is leaving money on the table so to speak. When someone reads a topic, there is a much higher probability that they have an opinion and may what to share it. Why not make the button read, "register to reply to this topic" and begin the process of registering to get into the game? Why state the negative "you cannot" instead of prompting a registration?
  4. 3.2 CKEditor Enhancement

    Perfect. Works perfectly. Thx so much.
  5. 3.2 CKEditor Enhancement

    We'll give it a shot and report back should there be any issues. Thx so much for the reply. :)
  6. We turned off the ability for users to change font and size b/c different fonts from post to post make reading more difficult, but even worse, is people that use HUGE size font. But, we can't turn off these functions in the ckeditor, so the only way for our members to know is to make a post, see the silly bbcode and have to edit it. Sure, maybe they'll learn not to use these functions by trial and error, but it's far more professional to just have the ability to turn these functions off and even better, to hide them as an admin.
  7. When using "view new content" and filtering by forums, v3.2 allows users to select sub categories as filterable, but since it does NOT include the child forum, the user will get no new content. This is confusing to the user. Please make it so when you select a category or sub-category, the childen follow. If you're not going to do this, do not allow users to select categories or sub-categories as filters. Here's a screen shot showing what I mean: http://screencast.com/t/HmJ3rGFMshr