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  1. Now that Calendar will also support attachment & social sharing linking, I hope it will be one more reason to expedite to resolution of the image problem in Facebook :thumbsup:
  2. I am asking because the Hide Links From Guests I have on my forum seems to be hiding media, for example videos from YouTube...
  3. What is the difference between this hook and the "Hide Links From Guests" hook?
  4. Download: Hide Links From Guests

    Looks fine now, thanks! Any chance you might expand it's functionality to include the Portal also in the future?
  5. Download: Hide Links From Guests

    Seems it stops hiding a link when it finds a symbol, as in the following examples (in bold you can see what it still leaves behind after the message): [url=" -noiembrie/alexandradinu01.jpg [url=" -noiembrie/alexandradinu02.jpg [url=" -noiembrie/alexandradinusimario.jpg [url=" -fox.jpg [url=" -cruz.jpg Also it doesn't seem to hide the following: here it leaves to show tinypic links: http://www.suntbride...indpost__p__133 here it leaves to show photobucket link: http://www.suntbride...indpost__p__136 Finally it doesn't hide the links at all when showing an article in Portal, but when you click on the article and it goes into the correcponding forum, then it hids it... look at my front page articles at www.suntbridezilla.com
  6. Float Image/Text

    Is there a way for this feature to be available only to specific groups?
  7. Download: Hide Links From Guests

    You mean to put here the links that are hidden?
  8. Download: Hide Links From Guests

    Hi, it still leaves "something" from the link after the message... look for example at this: http://www.suntbridezilla.com/topic/79-alexandra-dinu-se-casatoreste-cu-andrea-rizzoli-in-2011/
  9. Runs fine, but the icon doesn't show... it just says "Icon". I followed the instructions and copied the image file to the public/style_images/master directory, is that correct or should I copy it into every style_images/{skin} that I have?
  10. Download: Hide Links From Guests

    Sure, have a look at this post http://www.suntbride...__p__57#entry57 what is left after the message from your hook is actually I think the end part of the link that is hidden... If you scroll a bit more down in the same topic then there are also messages which have on the top which is also left over...
  11. Download: Hide Links From Guests

    Sure, my site is www.suntbridezilla.com If you check topics that have hidden links, there is always something at the bottom...
  12. Download: Hide Links From Guests

    Hello and thank you for the nice hook. I have a question, in every link that it hides it leaves "something" behind, under the message... I will attach a screenshot to see what I mean: Also would it be possible to also hide attachments, or there is already some other hook for this functionality?
  13. Download: (MT22) Share IT!

    Very true, a lot of users are complaining about this bug, but IPB is not bothered to fix it so far. On top of that, they are blaming Facebook about this problem! :lol:
  14. Download: (MT22) Share IT!

    I am sorry to say this, but your mod doesn't work properly with Facebook, it has the same problem with the IPB implementation as discussed here: http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-26033-share-this-link-via-facebook-not-functioning-properly/ Actually so far no plugin/addon etc. seems to work properly with Facebook creating thumbnails from the images in a topic. :(