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  1. stealing my avatar? nice....

    1. Brett L

      Brett L

      >you didn't take it from me when I was on se7ensins ;)

    2. .Corey


      hell nah? endy / sumo ????? (;

  2. Hey can you send me the premium sneek peek vid of v5 plox :P

  3. Upgrading to 3.2

    im still waiting on a support ticket from 3 days ago...
  4. you spelt your site wrong on your profile

  5. Working on a simple red 3.2 skin. Going to edit more heres what i have so far http://bit.ly/q9FyHF

    1. TheRevTastic


      Hopefully you do do more to it, looks like a basic color change.

    2. .Corey
  6. Thinks that when the time comes to renew he wont...

  7. looks like there is going to be a beta 3?

  8. Skin editor is buggy so far in chrome... thats why its still in a beta i guess ;)

    1. Jamie.


      i cant even open it i click create new skin and it doesnt open the box to choose it

    2. .Corey


      yo jamie aim me please thatcoreyk1d

    3. Cheapy


      What about in Firefox?

  9. Were is the visual skin editor i gave the acp a quick scan and cant find it

    1. Marcher Technologies

      Marcher Technologies

      ACP->Look&Feel->add new skin set, choose visual editor mode.

    2. .Corey


      :D your the best

  10. Love when kids think mybb has more features than ipb.

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    2. ørret



    3. co19


      They're both great, but one's opensource and one's commercial. You can't compare them, mostly because ipb is so much better :P

    4. Jeuhen


      It's because youngsters around age 15 like simplicity, so they go with mybb. I'll be like IPB for the win.

  11. Working on a minecraft themed skin for 3.2 working on making images atm ..... wish the actual 3.2 would come out :X

    1. TheRevTastic


      I've been working on a minecraft skin too :P, been busy though and now just waiting for 3.2.

    2. martin-al


      There is a minecraft theme included in 3.2.

    3. martin-al


      Haha, just kidding.. :P

  12. i gots me a new name :D

  13. I've paid what happens now?

    It seems as though your forums account as not been upgraded to a active customer yet