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  1. and what exactly means those out of date entries? because the translation is still corect, and i see nothing wrong with them.. can someone tell me? thx
  2. @ Razasharp ,yes that is correct, but judging by my - 4 points reputation, i think that a community who doesn't apreciate the good ideas, doesn`t deserve them, i have started this subject and now i have - 4 rep because i told the ipb stuff @ Rikki from page 1, that if he is ips official i will throw away my license.. considering his opinion on communities. So thank you ipb for responses, rikki keep up the good work at ips, and i will keep my ideas for me. oh and by the way @loyalpk - say something usefull first then expect to receive something in return, your comments were not helping in any way the discussions, but i see no - 4 points reputation for you, so it is clear how things are working around here nice atitude ipb community, bye!
  3. finally, thx for response, @Mark allthow your response is an official one it is very unclear, maybe or maybe not.. nothing to understand about that @Josh - i like very much your opinion and i am perfect ok with that, all thow in my opinion social groups are not braking apart the community , it gives the power to those who want to have a subforum , peoples with commun interests. @Jυra- it is true, but also is true that no member who is part of a social groups is just interested there, and not in other groups of the main forum We humans share many comun interest, as my self, i like sports,science,internet development,making the world a better place an so on, so you see, if i will have a social group called boxing, this not means that i am not interested in the main forum or another group. To be more clear, social groups does not break apart your forum/community, it just completes it. - as i wrote above, my main concern with mods developed by individuals is that i will have no guarantee whatsoever that i will have updates and bug fixes, am i right? that is a main problem when choosing between vb and ipb, i hope ipb will give me the tools in order to make my community better
  4. if i will give you my ipb license, it will be usless, belive me ;) i had bought that license hoping that ipb understood better how to make, grow and administrate a community. ian is right, so i will ask only this, were, among the above answers any oficial response from the ips head developers? if yes, wich one? thx
  5. @ Rikki , are you an ipb official? please tell me, if you are, it means i can throw away my ipb license, if this is the official response, and the official understand of a community here, i give up.. did you know what a community means? did you know what the title of the invision power website is? "Invision Power - Community Forum, Blog, Gallery, CMS, and more - We are community experts".. Please, but please confirm or infirm that your opinion is an official one, if so i give away my ipb license ( free/no charge)
  6. sorry for double post. And i have a question, is it posibble to give acces to a moderator in admin cp on the forums zone but only on one forum? because all i found is give acces to forums area but this will meke him able to edit all the forums, wich some times is wrong and not secure. To be more clear: i want to make asuper mderator but only on one forum(not category) and this moderator should be able to acces admin cp and make/edit/delete forums only in that specific one, can i do that?
  7. yes, i undestand whith the "you can not.. " button, and i will make the changes, but regarding the social groups problem.. all i can say is that maybe i see a better potential in this addon, i undestand that you think that social groups are not important, i think you are wrong but that is, you answer my question.Yes i know a user is making a mod for social groups, if you lokk at the page 2 i wrote that i will buy( having no option from ips) but my main concer with this third party mods is with updates, if, let`s say that i upgrade to ipb 3.5 or 4.8 in the future, how can i be sure that an individual(no real guarantee whatsoever) will make proper updates , and not make me loose money and time? IPB is superios than vbulletin in many ways but be awere that this thing that you have less mods ans more important less options in the official product, is not making a good impresion on costumers. I, myself want to start, a big forum, and i had read and compared vbuletin and ipb weeks and weeks, right now i decided to give a shot to ipb software(because i like the feeling of it) but options made directly by the company are also very important. I can not understand how you do not find important social groups feature, look at forums.digitalpoint.com which runs vb, and you will see that social groups are important, at least i intend to use it at maximum. Now let me say a simple feature, but in my opinion very important one, wich you have put it in users post: in the right side there are the + an - icons at every post , that feature is very important for a good community, and for quality discussions, i like that feature very much because if you are a dumb person and make stupid coments the community will punish you and your reputation will be .. and in this way quality is improoved. You did`,t said anything about the gallery isshue, can you make this more friendly in order to see more pictures without use scroll? thx for you responses
  8. Too bad that ipb is so good looking but missing some very important features.. how you make a good community without social groups? If posibble i want a answer from an ips official. And a second thing that i would like to say is that i think it is a very bad idea to show "you can not post" or "you can not start a new thread" buttons( when the user is not logedin), who come up whith this idea? wouldn`t be better if instead the buttons would say "login to cooment" or just..."post replay" and when the user click it redirect to login/register page ? "you can not reply" .. bad idea... the user understands that.. it can not make anything on your forum.. My onest opinion is that ipb has a very frindly design and some very good features for developing a community, but also failed to understand some important addons, like social groups, guest can not vote at polls(even when the permission in the admin cp is on),in the blogs there is no side block with info about the autor(picture,comments etc, but al least picture, and in gallery you can not see all the pictures from an album whithout making yourself angry because there are no arrows above the picture, the arrows are somewhere at the bottom and you have to use the scrool to click on the arrow (left ,right) very annoing.. I hope that you undestand that i love some features at ipb, and i had choose ipb for my community but please take into cosideration what i had wrore above ( sorry for bad english) ps: i have a valid ipb license , and i will also buy ip downloads, ip gallery, ip blog and ip content, so please take into cosideration, and reply thx
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