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  1. Just here to thank you. Perfect plugin, i see my member count growing since i got it!
  2. Dude update your plugin........... Tip author i bought it its not working...........

  3. Tips from author plugin:

    I bought this plugin its not working on

    Please update!

    Where can i edit template file?
  4. Can anyone see this here? http://goo.gl/571Aud I dont know how to fix i cleaned cache ? :/
  5. I did that, its still same issue.
  6. How do i fix the issue with the "unsafe emoticons"? Load from unsafe source http://xxxxx.nl/uploads/emoticons/laugh.png’ on a safe page.
  7. How can i email inactive members automatically when they not visited for 1 month or so?
    Could you make chatbox option to make it only avaiable for members with x posts?
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