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  1. Bottom Bar 1.0.1

    yea that was the problem, thanks
  2. Bottom Bar 1.0.1

    yea, here is the screen shot.
  3. Bottom Bar 1.0.1

    Last thing How do i get more tabs in the bottom bar all mines shows is the home tab?
  4. Bottom Bar 1.0.1

    thanks! Last thing How do i get more tabs in the bottom bar all mines shows is the home tab?
  5. Bottom Bar 1.0.1

    can i change the link to my home page to point toward my forums instead of my portal?
  6. (DP30) Custom Meta Tags 1.0.0

    How long does this take to show? I went to view source in my browser and didn't find any of the information i added. nevermind i see it now!
  7. Download: iArcade System 1.0.0 Final

    not working here :devil:
  8. (VQ) Personal Font Styles

    DId you get this error message. I just got it now after i re-installed the hook. yea I dont think it work with the new version of boards. I deleted the entire thing.
  9. (VQ) Personal Font Styles

    oh ok thank you
  10. (VQ) Personal Font Styles

    I am getting this message when i try to adjust my settings insidee my ACP "NEW:core_tools_settings_setting_view_ibmifont There was no page found". How would i fix that?
  11. (VQ) Personal Font Styles

    Does the color show in the shoutbox or just inside post?
  12. (VQ) Personal Font Styles

    no no error message and yes I did select the group permission. just when i go into my profile select the color and font no change happens inside when I post.
  13. (VQ) Personal Font Styles

    at least you got some colors to work none of mines work I dont know what i did wrong.
  14. (VQ) Personal Font Styles

    cant figure this out help please